That Skirt…

Hi Everyone,

Lately I have been thinking about all the things I can talk to you about and one that I think is so important and for me reading blogs, isn’t mentioned enough…. It’s the day you have an outfit fail.  Maybe it’s just me but, I like to think other people out there have had days when they just picked the wrong skirt/top/ dress and knew all about it before the day ended.

Now, this story makes me laugh every single time I tell anyone about it. Even writing it down, you can be guaranteed I am having a giggle to myself so I won’t blame you if you do too! 🙂

For me, it was a morning which was cold and a little bit crap out so I dressed for this. I decided on  a faux suede skirt, a shirt and a short bomber with black tights.  Being Irish  and always told not to leave the house without a coat, I decided on my long camel wool coat, you know, because there was a chill.

As soon as I left my apartment, I knew I was going to have issues but I thought, no, if my skirt starts to ride up a little up my coat will cover it, no hassle! I soon realised, I should have quickly ran and changed because when you have a 2 mile walk to get to work and then have that again in the evening it’s hassle!

Walking to work was okay, that morning chill was still there, the coat was sort of needed… In the evening however, different story. So I started walking and thought if I pop my little bomber around my waist, the skirt should stay in place. It didn’t. Next plan was carry the bomber and wear the wool coat, just sweat it out for about two miles, no biggie! OH MY DAYS…. By the time I got to the train station to get home I looked like I had run half a marathon.  I needed water and lots of it! lol.

While catching my breath and just trying to fix myself (Pull skirt down, take off the coat etc.) I caught the ring I was wearing on my tights and literally laddered an entire leg. 😦 I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I had no choice, the coat had to go back on. I looked like I had been dragged through a bush by the time I arrived home.  I couldn’t speak from laughter of sharing what happened and sheer exhaustion from all the sweat I had lost.

I have NEVER worn the skirt since with tights or where I was going on a long walk I have learnt that lesson! because I still believe the lining against the tights while walking was one of the problems… Unfortunately, this happened a few months back and I don’t think I have a photo of me in said outfit but I have a picture of the skirt!



Also,I will so admit, I knew the skirt was a smaller fitting 10 than normal and I should have probably bought the 12 and not had this situation but I’ll know for again, eh?

I really hope you enjoyed this and if you can relate at all, let me know.  At least then I won’t think I’m the only one who has had this problem.

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Louise. X




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