Mother’s Day

Hi Guys,

With mother’s day right around the corner I thought I would do a gift idea post like my Valentines Day one!

I always think it’s nice to celebrate Mother’s day because mine does so much me. Still to this day, even living in a different country, she still manages to sort me out better than I can myself on a daily basis. She is my rock and without her growing up, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today.  She is hard working and just bloody fantastic, I love her, so why not celebrate her on this special day, right?


One fabulous idea that I want to do with my mother (whenever i’m home again & have a free day) is go for Afternoon Tea.  I have never done this and I think it would be such a wonderful day out.  There are so many great places that offer this but I have just listed a few below that I have had great reviews from in both Ireland & England (if you know any others, please let me know).

Afternoon Tea @ Ashford Castle –  Cong, Ireland

Afternoon Tea @ Knockranny House Hotel & Spa – Westport, Ireland

Afternoon Tea @ Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & Spa – Luton, Hertfordshire

Afternoon Tea @ Sketch, London  (this place is super cool.  I have been here once before for drinks and I was amazed.  Loved it)



Another idea I think would be lovely is to put together a little or large hamper (depending on your budget) of all the things your mother likes.  This could include different creams, make up, perfume… (I always think getting someone their favourite perfume is a good choice because I don’t think it’s something you always want to buy yourself!) or even a selection of DVD’s sweets & chocolate.






clq_775X01_402x464 (If you’re not feeling mega creative, Boots always seem to have a great selection of gift sets and hampers for occasions like this.)


When It comes to my mother, she loves jewellery! She has a Pandora bracelet which I think it really pretty and always a gooden for future presents too because you can always add charms to a bracelet! I’ve included a couple of images below of what I like  but they have so much more on the website for you to choose from.


180837One final idea which you could do which is really thoughtful is put together a collage or an album of photographs of you and your mother.  If it’s an album, add in memory notes along the way with the picture.

Hope you find this helpful!

Louise. X




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