Flying Visit at Home

Hey Guys,

So as you know from my last Post, I flew home to surprise my mam for Mother’s Day . It was only a quick visit (landed on Sunday, came back to England Tuesday) but I managed to go Galway on the Monday for a look around.


I love Galway so much.  It’s where I spent two years in college, met some of my best friends and would happily go back in the morning.  It’s such a pretty city. If you have never been, GO!

It was a fabulous day so after a quick look in the shops me and Laura (one of my sisters) headed out to Salthill for a look.  Whilst  we were there we stumbled upon a beautiful Flower Shop, Go Dutch.  Although I suffer extremely bad with hay fever, I love flowers. Tulips especially, they are my favourite.


I really wanted to feel comfortable for the day while we were strolling about.  Comfort is always my go to when picking clothes, if you don’t feel good in what you are wearing you can always tell.  Also, when I am only going home for a short visit, I TRY not to over-pack so I can bring back the essentials on my return (Mam’s soda bread, Sausages etc etc lol!)

You will have seen me wear this jumper quite a few times on my Instagram but I just love it.  I am stripe obsessed.  If I was to go through my wardrobe and pull out all the stripes I own, I would be embarrassed… Anywayyyyyy this jumper is still fantastic though.  It’s so comfy and matches up with so much. On a geeky note, it washes really well.  I hate when I wash a jumper once and it starts pilling.



I also wore my beautiful Topshop jeans.  I have been buying this style in jeans for years and they just work for me. I always find the fit of the Jamie Jeans just right.

Finally, no outfit is ever complete without the perfect shoes I say….. IMG_6987

These boots are new to my collection and boy am I so happy I bought them. Gold, Shiny boots are not everyone’s taste but fear not there is an entire collection to pick from and you should.  They are a dream for walking in.

Jumper – New Look

Jeans – Topshop

Boots – Kickers

Sunglasses – Asos

Handbag – Louis Vuitton


Hope you liked the outfit post, I usually post more outfit choices regularly on my Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Feel free to leave a comment or get in contact with me via email.

Louise. X


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