Dressing in Spring

Hi Guys,

So I previously did a post about the shoes I’m drooling over right now (check it out here), but what good are new shoes without some fresh clothes, right? Although I claim Autumn/Winter is my favourite where clothing is involved, I can’t deny it doesn’t stop me from spending far too much money in Spring on new bits for my ever growing wardrobe.

I’m not your typical ‘staple’ piece kind of gal…. in fact some days, I look like a rainbow threw up on me but that’s just me. I constantly get questioned over a lot of my choices, but I’m a firm believer that it work’s if you work it.   I love mixing textures, prints and colour.  Sometimes I have my all black days but not very often, I usually try to add a colourful piece to everything! Right now, I’m happy flaunting colour.

“People will stare. Make it worth their while”  – Harry Winston

So… I have picked out a few of the many million things I am looking to get this season to update my wardrobe and add some more sass.

ASOS Varsity Tunic With Tipping

Abigail Rust Stripe Wide Leg Culottes

Culottes are not for everyone, I get that! I have tried on many pairs and laughed at myself in the mirror knowing that I couldn’t get them and take myself seriously.  That doesn’t mean ALL styles will be bad though. Try them all on if you have to and if you still ain’t feeling them, replace culottes with full length wide legs, easy!

Chuck either on with a tshirt tucked it and it will look effortlessly chic! Personally, when styling culottes I would ideally wear a heel as it makes your legs appear longer and pop a leather jacket over the top. It’s an outfit you can wear going for dinner or drinks with friends any night of the week.

High Neck Mini Dress

Camel Boyfriend Coat

This outfit for me is more romantic, it would be my go to when I am going some place nice but still want to feel like me.  It’s no secret that I have an attraction to the colour red.  I find the colour is strong on me and I feel good wearing it.  If you wanted to keep this dress a little more casual, I would add pretty frilly socks and some nice brogues (I love heels but they don’t always love me back).

 Floral tie Side Playsuit

Scuba Bomber Jacket

When you want something a little more girly I’ve got you covered! I’m not the biggest girly girl but sometimes it’s nice to feel pretty in pink.. lol! I found this beauty on In The Style  and I fell in love.  I want it in my wardrobe for those summer evenings when the weather is nice and you are popping out for a few early cocktails. I have matched it with a little pastel pink jacket but as an alternative I would add a denim jacket.  (I have already got this outfit planned and I don’t own it yet, I’m thinking high curly pony tail, white socks white trainers, sunglasses… beaut!)

Floral Printed Dress

High Neck Dress

Sticking with that ‘I’m a girl’ theme, I sometimes struggle to know what I will wear for just a day out with friends when you want to look good but not too masculine….. I know i’m not the only one considering me and my friends will send morning text before we meet saying “what’s everyone wearing today?” well this is where you need to own  DAY DRESSES! Both I have pictured above are from  Asos.  I must say asos never lets me down, they have the best variety of brands to choose from so if you’re looking to spend £15 or £150  you have found the right shopping website.

Vans Crew Neck Sweatshirt With Retro Logo

Dannie Grey Tracksuit

Finally, what every girl loves to see coming….. lounge wear! I love love LOVE being able to put on comfy jumpers and tracksuits whenever possible.  For me, this is usually when I get home from work, I’m going to the cinema or just chilling with friends. I could give you loads of ideas here but I have picked out just two which I think are pretty cool and don’t scream pyjamas so if you go out and about, you still feel good!

I really hoped you enjoyed seeing what pieces I am thinking about for this season and it might be helpful if you are shopping yourself.  No matter what you decide to wear though, wear it with pride. If you walk with confidence in whatever you may be wearing, it will look 100 times better than if you are pulling down a dress or skirt or constantly fixing a top.  Only wear what makes you comfortable… otherwise you could have a mishap like mine, with that skirt!!

Hope you liked the post, I usually post my daily outfits on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter!

Feel free to leave a comment or get in contact with me via email.

Louise. X

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