Finding Home in Friends

Hey Guys,

Okay, so this is a post I was quite eager to do because I feel it’s really relevant nowadays with so many people having/wanting to emigrate away from home.  I am one of those kids who had to leave to further my education and decided not to return home (yet anyway).

After moving to England and realising I had ONE friend (who is practically a sister)  and who I’m lucky fed me every week for my first year and always made me tea when I was having a mini crisis about well everything. I soon realised how much you take your childhood friends for granted.  Think about it, when was the last time you really had to go out and make new friends because you knew nobody?

Don’t worry my friendless time didn’t last for long, thank god!  🙂

Friends are like second family you make for yourself


Fast forward 5 years and I have met some of the most fabulous people who I am lucky enough to consider my English family.  One group in particular are the girls I play Gaelic Football with, Claddagh Gaels. I couldn’t have wished for a better group of people to play along side.  They feel like extended sisters and Bill our manager, is like a dad to us all.  It’s the kind of team you want to be part of.


Sometimes, like anyone who isn’t at home you have those lonely days where you are missing little things.  For me , I feel a little sad when I know I am missing a family party or when my parents and sisters are having a family meal together.  It makes me feel like the crap daughter who is never at home! I know it can’t be helped, I enjoy living in England but like I said, everyone has their days.  That’s why for me, it’s so important to have a good network of friends who you know will lift your spirits when you are feeling down. A lot of the girls on the team have a good understanding of how you’re feeling because they go through the same thing.

I have found, like any nation I suppose, Irish people like to stick together and when I joined the Claddagh’s I instantly felt like I was more Irish than I had ever been in England.  It’s little things like joking about there being great weather for drying, you know? I think every nation has their own quirks and phrasing so its important not to loose that.

Friendship makes you feel at home.


I think if you are living away from home and feel lonely and a little homesick sometimes, I would highly recommend you join a club or get involved with something that interests you.  It makes the world of difference without you even realising straight away.

It’s a horrible feeling and especially if you just moved to a country but remember, you’re not the first and most certainly won’t be the last to feel that way.  Feeling homesick passes as quick as it comes!

I really hope you found this helpful and if you are moving to the Luton area, get in touch, we are always looking for new girls to join! 😉 (my little plug for new players lol!)

Louise.  X

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