Breakfast Bliss

I recently went back to Ireland for a long weekend to see my family, which was lovely.  You just can’t beat going home to all them comforts you have grown up with (fresh brown bread, always having food in the fridge, the worlds most comfiest bed etc etc)  and I won’t lie I enjoy the spoiling I get from both my parents and sisters.  It’s something I am well aware that happens and I would never be able to repay or thank them for all they have done.


I was so lucky weather wise, although it was raining when I arrived Friday, the skies soon cleared and the sun was beaming for the rest of the weekend and I swear you cannot beat Ireland when the weather is on your side.  While I was there I had made a plan with one of my sisters, Ashling to go for breakfast at this place recommended by Tara (another sister!) So Saturday morning we took ourselves to The Creel outside Westport Town.

I won’t beat around the bush, it was just… amazing. I had been once before for lunch and that didn’t disappoint either, but the breakfast, I just had to tell you all.  I decided on the French Toast with maple bacon (it came highly recommended by Tara).  It was mouth watering good. I am not one to rush out for a breakfast so I know I am on to a winner here, especially when I had to go back on Sunday for more.  I mean this French toast would melt in your mouth, that is how good it is. My sister went for the pancakes with maple bacon, which was delicious too. She let me have a taste for blogging purposes, obviously!


Did I mention how tempting everything in this place looks too? Fresh cakes, buns, jam’s, I could go on.  It is the perfect place to meet with friends at any time of the day because the menu has something to offer everyone.  It’s not your plain, typical food you get just anywhere, its fresh, it tastes good, it makes your taste buds excited. I am getting so hungry writing this post, just thinking of the place makes me want to go back.

I think good food needs to be shared, I always tell people when I’ve had a really good meal.  Pass on the food happiness I say.  As soon as I could I was snap chatting fellow foodies about this place.  Along with the amazing food, the staff are beyond friendly in here which is a major thing for me when I eat out.  Nobody enjoys rude staff/customers and I have to give them credit, all the ladies I have spoken to in this place have been so friendly and welcoming.


If any of you guys go and love it as much as I did let me know!




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