Hi Guys,

So summer is almost at an end and although I do love when the sun shines, I can’t help but be overjoyed about Autumn/ Winter clothing coming back in to my life. I always much prefer the warmer tones, the different fabric textures, the thoughts of layering… Okay, you probably get the picture now!  So because of my excitement for the changing seasons, I have picked out pieces that I love and will most definitely be investing in over the next few months (not all obviously, but some).


Jacket, Skirt, Shirt, Boots

Watch, Backpack, Sock

Leather Trousers, Heels, Top

I have created little outfit choices on how I would style each piece because before I buy anything, I like to have a think about how I would wear it? Does this suit me colour wise and style wise?  Just really is it me kinda thing! Hopefully this might help you get some inspiration on putting outfits together or when you are buying some new pieces for yourself.

Skirt, Jumper, Jacket, Shoes



Dress, Slip on Trainers, Bomber Jacket

When I get dressed everyday, my outfit is all down to my mood.  I always attempt to pick outfits out the night before but they are never complete because I want to add or take something away.  You should see me when I am packing to go away, there is always a process of elimination so I can reach that 15kg limit.

I work in a casual office environment too which suits me perfectly.  Although I love dressing up sometimes, I much prefer a skirt, jumper & flats combo any day.

Jeans, Jacket, T-Shirt, Trainers

Socks, Tie Scarf

Jumpsuit, Cap, Trainers, Socks

I know I can have quite an individual taste in how I wear things and don’t take offense when people think I’m crazy.  I am a firm believer in wearing what you like, how you like it. Nobody else’s opinion should matter a damn.

Jacket, Skirt, Shirt, Shoes

Earrings, Watch, Bracelet

I have picked out colours I know will work for both Autumn and Winter as I don’t like buying clothes I can’t mix and match all season throughout my wardrobe.

Shirt, Dress, Loafers

Dress, Coat, Tights, Boots, Bandana

This is just some of the lovely pieces I have seen though, I will definitely keep you updated on more pieces I find that will help complete my AW16 wardrobe.



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