Who wears the pants?

Hey guys,

So last week I shared all the pieces I would only love to own for the coming months in my September Issue Post  and obviously since that I haven’t stopped the search on what new pieces I would like.  As a girl in the working world I think it can be hard to find a balance in your wardrobe between work & social.  I work in a casual office where you don’t need to be suited up everyday but I ain’t gonna rock up in my Nike tracksuit either. So it’s all about finding a balance for me.

One place where I seem to find a happy medium of looking smart but feeling like me is in fitted trousers.  I find I can buy a pair and dress them up and down depending on my mood and schedule, of course.  I will point out that not every style of fitted trouser will suit you.  So, the best advice I can give anyone looking for a pair is try as many as you can.  Find a style that makes you feel amazing.  Don’t buy a pair because it’s necessarily a trend colour or fit.  That colour or fit may not be for you.

The first pair I have picked are from H&M and I already own this style in different colours.  The reason I like them is because I find it difficult to get trousers that keep the original fit.  To be honest, it’s because I don’t have wide hips or a full bum so I find trousers get really baggy around these areas.  Also, from playing sport my thighs are quite muscular so it’s about finding a trouser with a bit of stretch in them but not too much (I make myself sound like the oddest shape but you guys know what I mean, right?).




This first look is something I will always fall back on because its comfortable and looks smart if I happen to be meeting a customer.  It’s not very colourful like I would normally go for but I would make sure I wear a strong lip colour.  One I like to use that lasts well without having to constantly top up is No7 Match Made Stay Perfect. I like to wear colour raspberry blush, its strong but not OTT.

Using the same trousers but adding that bit of colour and texture I like, I have mixed it up a bit with the below.  I’m a big fan of mixing prints too which is why I added the white shirt.


The second pair I have picked are a sky blue high waist cigarette trouser.  I have picked these because the colour is fresh and matches well with so many colours. When you’re shopping this season you are bound to see coloured trousers in most stores so if blue isn’t for you don’t worry, you won’t be short of choice.



The third pair I have picked is a simple, classic grey slim fit.  These are probably the most versatile pair on a larger scale.  They can easily have that more corporate feel to them by adding heels and if you want that casual run-around look, replace the heels with trainers.




The best thing about all the pieces I have picked is you can mix and match where it would suit you. Hope you found this helpful.

Louise. X

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