Pay day Millionaire…

Hey Guys,

So let me start with,  I cannot be the only one who believes they are a millionaire when they get paid?  Every month, I seem to forget I have to live for the month out of this money…I’m terrible! Last week on pay day, as always, I acted no different.  My sister was over to visit so of course a visit to London was needed.


I’ve lived in England for six years now and I still struggle when people come to visit. I’m trying to make sure they have the best weekend but I can never decide what I should do with them. So before Laura arrived I had a think over what we could do and decided to take her to Borough Market. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t really on our side but we made do by filling up on tasty food followed by even tastier drinks that evening!



I think one of the highlights for me was the doughnuts… oh man the doughnuts! It was a vanilla cream filled piece of heaven.  Best thing I could have laid my eyes on, the whole day! My mouth is watering now thinking about it.


There is so much tempting you there it was tough to decide what we should get but I’m a sucker for salt beef sandwiches so once I saw them, I knew that was exactly what was on the menu for me. It was FLIPPING DELICIOUS!



After a day of ogling all the food stalls and having some wine pit stops we jumped on the tube and decided after a painful I don’t mind where we go discussion (are we the only family who cannot make decisions? Please say this happens other people?) we would head to Camden.  The rain was pouring down when we got there so we escaped into a pub for the evening for some cocktails and catch ups.


On Sunday, this “where will we go” discussion obviously came up again but we eventually decided to make our way to Oxford St for some retail therapy.  I was so happy when we got there that it wasn’t raining and for a Sunday on Oxford St it was too busy.  We could walk up and down the street without feeling like you are constantly going the wrong way.

We spent the day browsing around all the shops, stopping for a quick lunch in Selfridges along the way.   I managed to pick up a couple of bits in Zara & Topshop which I already love and will show you soon.


Once we finished shopping, we made our way to Vapiano for dinner.  I will admit, I think I take most people who come to visit me here because I love it, simple as that.  Everyone knows how much I enjoy Italian food and I love how casual this place feels, you can walk in off the street by yourself and just get some food and sit wherever, I love that. The food is cooked in front of you and everything always tastes so fresh.  It’s a keeper in my books and also very affordable so it won’t break the bank!


Once all the food disappeared from our plates and we were good to walk again we made for home, well my home!



Although, I am no longer feeling as flush as I was on Pay Day, it was worth it.  I had such a fun weekend and can’t wait for this weekend to start again to celebrate my friends Birthday.

Hope you enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed the weekend!

Louise. X


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