Happy Anniversary… TO ME!

Hey Guys,

So today is quite a special day for me, I am 6 years living in England today. I can’t really believe it if I’m honest. I always said I would be here for a couple of years at max and then I would go home to Ireland but it just didn’t happen that way.


Looking back, I feel quite proud in what I have done and achieved to date. I have gained a degree, got a full time job, started this blog (okay the blog is recent I know) and most important I have made some unbelievable friends. It hasn’t always been an easy ride and I can honestly say there was and still are days I get the urge to pack up and go home again, but for now, I’m here.

When I came on that boat with my parents 6 years ago and my life just packed into the car beside me, I was so naïve and young. Although I was 20, had spent two years in college in Ireland living away from home during the week, I was still able to always just go home when I needed. So needless to say moving to England with no place to live and starting University the week after I arrived was beyond daunting. Also, I have mentioned this before in a post  but having none of my close friends here also scared the life out of me.


For anyone thinking of moving over for Uni or work, I would always recommend it. It’s good to push yourself outside your normal comfort zones. You soon grow up and appreciate everything that has been done for you by living at home. When I started at Uni I was petrified. Honestly, I cannot explain to you how scared I was. It felt weird not being in Ireland, surrounded by Irish people. It was something I quickly got used to of course. I was so fortunate to meet some of the best people while studying. These people are still my friends today.


When I realised I would be six years here a few weeks back, I was thinking of different things that I have done and one thing I will always remember is my first trip into Central London. Oh my days, the stress! I had been in London about twice before in my life so you can imagine how clueless I was about using the tubes and busses. I studied that tube map like you wouldn’t believe so I would never be caught looking like a tourist.  I couldn’t even google maps my way around the place, I just about had a phone with an English number and it certainly was no iPhone. When I think of that day now, I laugh because today, I am quite good with my directions and knowledge of public transport.

Once I finished studying I did question where I should go or what I should do but when I got a job I decided I would give it a whirl and see if it was for me. It was, hence why I’m still here! Sometimes I think the time has gone by really quickly and other times, it feels like time has stopped but I’m sure everyone feels like that occasionally.


I have had some amazing times and experiences in the past six years and I just wanted to share some of them with you.


This is only a fraction of the great times I’ve had. The past six years have been good to me and here’s to hoping the next six will be even better!


Louise. X



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