Autumn’s Here

Hey Guys,

You will see over on my Instagram (username: louises_library) that yesterday I have just no motivation for no reason, does that ever happen to you? You just feel like curling up on the sofa watching films?  I’m putting it down to not being able to kick this cold I have for over a week now.  I’m well and truly over feeling rubbish!

This week I really feel like autumn has well and truly hit.  I made the mistake of leaving the house without a jacket on Monday morning and soon learnt my lesson, I’ve been adding layers since. With the season setting in nicely I can’t help but be excited for knitwear, boots, endless cups of tea to keep you warm, falling leaves and not feeling like I’m missing out when I don’t go out on a weekend. Am I the only one who gets serious FOMO during the summer months but not in the autumn or winter?


Keeping my wardrobe up to date with the weather changes, I invested in a new varsity jacket from Zara last week.  For me, it’s just what I need for the cooler mornings because it’s not so thick that I’m sweating like I’ve done an hours workout. Lol!


Varsity Jacket

I have found it so easy to style with most of what I wear,  I’m someone who always likes to be comfy.  I don’t like wearing garments which yes, may be on trend but you feel ridiculous in.  I personally feel far more stylish if I’m confident in what I wear.  If I feel comfortable I have far greater chances of being more productive in the day, stupid maybe but true!  Sorry about the crap pictures, I’ve only took a few quick selfies below of how I have styled it myself but it gives you an idea of how versatile it is.  It’s a jacket you can throw on, strut out of the house and slay it all day.


I wore this outfit to go to pub with a few friends last Saturday evening.  I was going to watch some football and just wanted to be casually dressed as I was coming home early. I love just tucking a basic baggy t-shirt into a skirt with a big piece of costume jewellery.  It feels effortless and comfy. Unfortunately this skirt is no longer available (I got it during the summer) but I have popped some other skirts below that I think would work well.


 Denim Flower Skirt           Yellow Button through skirt


This is the most casual I have worn it. I just went with a striped jumper, pair of skinny jeans and Chelsea boots (these are from Primark but here is similar ones.  This is definitely a no fuss outfit you can wear anywhere and still look and feel comfy.

Finally I decided to wear this on a night out with a friend when we were going for a glass (bottle) of wine.  I wanted to make it look a bit more acceptable to be wearing in the pub on a Friday night so I decided a basic white t-shirt and costume jewellery as in my first outfit but with a shrunken boyfriend jeans (these aren’t available online but I picked them up from in store at H&M, see similar here) and a pair of burgundy ankle boots which I originally bought from Public Desire but they aren’t available there anymore however, you can still find them here.


So yeah, that’s just three ways that I have worm the jacket so far, I know I will get so much mileage out of this one, it’s a proper investment piece in my wardrobe now.

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Louise. X

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