Dinner Date Weekend

Hey guys and happy Monday!

I have woken up today in the best mood (I really should get a full nights sleep more often)and that can only mean a good week is ahead of me.  Positive thinking and all that jazz!! If you are following me on Instagram & Facebook you will have seen I went to Gaucho  on Saturday night for dinner for my other half’s birthday.  It was my first time eating there and OM MY DAYS it was not disappointing. Hands down the best steak I have ever eaten.




Gaucho is an Argentinian steak restaurant and you can find them in London, Manchester, Leeds, Hong Kong & Dubai. We visited the Piccadilly Restaurant and between the atmosphere and the whole ambience of the place I was seriously impressed.  We were seated upstairs where it was dim lighting and a more intimate feel compared to the downstairs dining where the bar is.

Once we were seated we had a look through the menus, with our mouths watering at what we would have.  To be honest I was most interested in what steak I would be going with, after all, that is why we went there. I was hungry though so I obviously ordered a starter.


To begin I had a Chorizo sausage (Argentine chorizo, a combination of pork & beef, pickled mixed peppers & red onion) this came on a bed of chickpeas, delicious! Arnie went for Braised & Chargrilled Aberdeen Angus Short Ribs, which were bites of heaven in your mouth.  So tasty and full of flavour.  The beef practically fell apart in your mouth, absolutely scrumptious.


On to the main event…. Okay, so if you are ordering steak (which I highly recommend) your waiter/waitress will bring you over a wooden board with all the available cuts of meat and tell you how they have been marinated and how they are best cooked.  Also, as you can order different weights of meat this is a good way to see what the smallest cut looks like.


I went for the fillet, because it’s always my favourite piece.  Although you are recommended to have it cooked medium-rare, i’m more on the medium side of that scale.  Arnie decided on the Churrasco De Chorizo, which is a spiral cut piece of Sirloin.  This comes highly recommend by all the staff and it doesn’t shock me after tasting his.  The meat is marinated for two days in garlic, parsley & olive oil and it’s just so juicy and full of flavour (taste buds watering as I type this).  Along with our meat we picked a few sides to share, just some chips, green beans and a rocket salad. Personally as a green bean lover, I could have eaten two portions, they were so tasty as they had little sprinkles of feta cheese.  You can’t go wrong when you add cheese to any dish in my eyes.  Although, we had a lot of food in front of us, we were determined not to leave any of it behind.  It would have been a waste.


We both opted out of dessert because we just could not fit anymore food in however when I made the booking I mentioned it was Arnie’s birthday and asked for a nice table and they very kindly brought over chocolate truffles to him as a surprise.  It was so thoughtful and just good service I think.  Our waitress couldn’t have been nicer either which made the whole evening feel lovely. Once we had finished up at our table we made our way to the bar again and finished our evening off with Bellini’s.


I would love to say I will be going again soon but Gaucho will have to stay a treat for me, it’s a little over my weekly food budget, but I will be back! 😉



That’s my food update for this week, if I try anymore lovely places, I’ll be sure to let you know and if you have any tips for me, send them on.

Louise. X


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