Hey Guys,

As a lot of people will know, I feel a certain sense of happiness when my wardrobe has order. Call it OCD or whatever you want but I sleep better when my clothes are washed, ironed and put away nicely. For years I would colour code all my stuff (don’t judge me, people do this) and if & when it wasn’t in order I would spend a whole afternoon putting it back in place.


Currently my life is a little busier now I am working full time so I’m not near as strict about it being colour coded.  However, just before last weekend I felt like I was having some sort of breakdown. I know that sounds hella dramatic, but that’s me all over.  My poor mother takes the absolute brunt of all this drama I THINK I have going on (sorry mam, you’re an amazing  woman for putting up with me) . Now I’m not saying a life crisis break down but just, I felt like I was drowning in my apartment with all my stuff crowded around me.  Honestly, I have just collected so much crap and not got rid of it. Since moving to England 6 years ago, I have moved every year or two into new places for different reasons but the flat I am currently in is the longest I have stayed anywhere and I don’t know if you would call it itchy feet or what, but I felt like an update was needed. Now I am no where near done on apartment refresh but I made one hell of a start last weekend.

I decided my room was the best place to begin and OH MY DAYSSSSS after hours and hours  of pulling stuff out of the wardrobe and making keep, dump and sell/donate sections I got there, at one point I was thinking to myself will I ever finish this?  I swear my wardrobe still looks like it could have another clear, I will wait until the first batch is fully gone and I’m going at it again.  I have also promised myself that anything new I buy means something else must go.  I just can’t be holding on to something I genuinely don’t need anymore. (Please don’t hold me to that statement though!!)


As you can see in the pictures below I have so much just waiting to go and I am going to update my depop (username: louiseslibrary)  with some of the bits this weekend.  Once I do, I will let you all know on my Instagram (username: louises_library) and Facebook (username: Louiseslibrary) pages. The clothing is still in good condition I even have a few pairs of trainers that are still in excellent condition but I just don’t wear them anymore.



Sooooo although my room is looking fresh as… My spare room now looks like a dump site as its holding the clothes but step by step i’m getting through it all and my life will be de-cluttered in no time, I know it! 🙂

Are any of you like me and just get super stressed with you feel like things are cluttered in your life? I cannot be alone here!


Hope you guys enjoyed the read.

Louise. X

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