Is it Christmas now? #BusterTheBoxer

Hey guys,

I woke up this morning and was on my commute to work when I seen on my twitter feed John Lewis have released their Christmas advert.  I don’t know about you lot but I was excited for this.

When I was growing up in Ireland as a child I would always associate Christmas with the Coca-Cola Christmas truck advert and when that hit our screens, it was time to whip out the toy catalogue and get writing to dear old Santa.  However, In the past 6 years of living in the UK I have come to realise the John Lewis Christmas advert is a pretty big deal.

This year its all about Buster the boxer and it’s as sweet as ever.


It’s shows a dad putting together a trampoline for his daughter for Christmas morning, after the big surprise is ready with a lovely red bow, the parents sit down to a relaxing evening watching TV.  Unknown to them, more then just their daughter wants to have a go and we see animals creeping out and all having a go.

While all these animals are having a go, we see Buster look on in sadness.




When the morning comes and the little girls gets up full of excitement to see her presents, she runs into the living room where her dad opens the door for her to see this wonderful trampoline.



She is complete awe but before she can get her first jump in, Buster sprints past her to get in first.  It’s just the cutest thing ever watching him leap into the air in complete happiness.  It would melt a stone heart.






Honestly, a look for yourself.  It’s just so adorable. I have a link here.

Hope you enjoy! ❤

P.S. you can buy a mini Buster and his friends from John Lewis. *heart melts*

Louise. X



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