Fighting the Flies…

Hello all you wonderful people,

So today I am bringing you a post which is a little different to my normal clothes or food chats. It’s something that I could honestly talk about for days….. Insect bites! Up until recently this would have never been a topic I would have had any knowledge of but now, I’m a flipping expert. In the past couple of years my body has just reacted so badly to insect bites and for anyone who doesn’t have theses issues, you are extremely lucky.  Having an insect bite get infected is sore, annoying and just so so SO frustrating.  I’m not alone in this bite business as I call it, half my family swell when a midget is within 10 feet I think and half of the girls I play Gaelic Football with have the same problem with insect bites.

For me, it all began when I got bitten at football training one Wednesday evening  by some sort of insect, what sort I have no idea. I presume a mosquito or horse fly but I don’t actually know.  I felt the bite and within the hour I knew it wasn’t right. Stupidly I ignored it the night it happened and went straight to bed.  I woke up and my leg was swelling but I put some antihistamine cream on my leg and off to work I went.  It was only when I was sitting at my desk during the day I could feel like leg getting bigger and bigger.  The pain was also getting a lot worse.  I was due to fly home to Ireland on the Friday morning for a football tournament and in my head I was thinking, I will just sort it out when I get home. I was an idiot to ever think that.


That Thursday evening I was out with a friend for dinner who knew something was wrong (apparently you could see the pain in my face) and made me go to A&E.  I got there and just sat for hours waiting.   My leg was getting worse and I just wanted to cry with pain.  Eventually, I was seen to by the doctor who immediately told me I would NOT be flying the next morning.  If I did, there was a high chance I wouldn’t survive the flight.  That was scary to hear.  He decided to take a blood test and well needless to say that was entertaining for the staff (puts hands over face in shame).  I am RUBBISH at dealing with bloods and anything medical really.  I’m a fainter, a hard core fainter and boy did I go all out.  I get embarrassed that I faint so easy but I really cannot help it, I panic.  As soon as I think of it, my legs go like jelly. Once my bloods were taken and I was fed with sandwiches by the wonderful nurses,  I found out I had a severe blood and tissue infection in my leg and I was going to have to come to the hospital twice a day everyday for a week to get antibiotics.  I do have photos of my heavily swollen leg but I don’t know if that would be too much to put up, its rather disgusting.  I don’t have attractive legs at the best of times never mind when one is actually double the size!

So yeah, I eventually got in from the hospital about 5am and had to text the girls I play  football with and tell them I wasn’t able to go on our trip.  I then rang my mother to tell her too. I was in so much pain and just exhausted from it all. I got to A&E at 8pm and got home at 5am, I couldn’t bend my fat infected leg, I had a tube thing stuck in my arm from the drip and I was so mad about not being able to go home. There was a lot of tears shed and possibly a tub of Ben and Jerry’s devoured… Don’t judge me, I was feeling extremely sorry for myself.


I got rid of the infection after two weeks of antibiotics and rest but after that, every single time I got any sort of bite, the infection would be back.  I really felt like I was fighting a loosing battle as silly as that sounds. I was having time off work, I couldn’t walk for longer then about 10 mins and I would need to rest because of the pain.  I honestly thought I would have to give up football because of it.  I genuinely was afraid to wear shorts and a t-shirt at training, even with bug spray on.  I was trying everything but nothing seemed to really help long term. I even got a bite in like late January at a training.  I took my jumper off for 20 mins and got one on my arm, WHO does that happen to? It was like 2 degrees. Craziness!!

This summer one of the girls on the team mentioned a spray her mother  got her and it worked really well.  I am always open to new things that have helped people previously and honest to god since trying it, I have not looked back.  I can put my hand on my heart when I say it has worked so well for me so I have to recommend it to anyone else who obviously has desirable blood like myself to the insect world. (I am not being paid to write this either.)  The spray itself is probably more expensive then your average bug spray but a piece of advice for any of you… You can’t put a price on your health and remember that! The spray I have used is called Aroma di Guna and you can buy it here.

The first time I started using it, I noticed how nice it smells in comparison to all other bug spray and it’s because you aren’t spraying loads of chemicals on yourself.  It’s a natural insect repellent with a citrus smell. I don’t feel like I loose my breath when I put it on and that was something I found with other brands. They would be so strong when you were spraying it.  It may seem a little greasy when you first put it on but it’s not, it dries really quickly into your skin and you don’t even realise you have it on.

Once a couple of us started wearing it at training and talking about how good we found it, the club decided to bulk buy some to always keep in our kit/ medical bag. I know when you read posts of people bragging about a product it can seem fake but trust me, this has worked for me and I wouldn’t dare recommend it if I didn’t believe in it.


It sounds stupid to say I’m not afraid to wear shorts to football training anymore but that’s how it is, or knowing that when I play a game I can focus on the game and not on what might bite me.  It even means when I go on a holiday I won’t spend half of the trip taking antibiotics with a really painful arm or leg from an insect bite.

Now don’t think I haven’t slipped up at times, I have taken my eye of the ball and I did train without the spray and like always, I got a bite.  I could have kicked myself for being so stupid, honest!   I was so determined not to let the bite/infection spread. I started using an ointment called Traumeel .  I found this really helped me reduce inflammation in my leg and with a lot of will power I didn’t scratch the life out of the bite which meant it didn’t spread. On the website it recommends it for sprains etc but I did find it helped with the bite and when you are in my situation, anything that helps is a blessing.  You can buy Traumeel here.

I know that this post has been quite the read but I didn’t want to just say here is a bug spray go get it because I like it.  I wanted you to know why I recommend using it and that I genuinely believe it works. I went through my description of hell when I got that first infection and I would not wish it on anyone. I love the fact that both the spray and the ointment are both natural products.  After all the medication I have been on, knowing that this isn’t another chemical is nice.

I really hope you found the post helpful and if you have any tips about the whole subject, please feel free to pass them on to me.  All help is greatly welcomed.

Lots of Love &  Happy Health

Louise. X







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