The Shoe of Christmas for me

Hello Hello and happiest of Tuesday’s to you wherever you are 🙂

Let’s just start with how bloody quick is time actually going? It’s the end of November… HOW????? Honestly, we will blink and Christmas will have come and gone BUT before it does lets talk about the shoe of the year for me.  No secret by now, I’m a whore and a half for a new pair of shoes so these bad boys I have to share.

These beautiful shoes are a River Island steal if you ask me. They are exactly like a shoe from the Sarah Jessica Parker Collection. I will tell the truth to you before I start, I wasn’t particularly a River Island kinda gal in the past.  I always felt they had clothing that just didn’t suit me and shoes that weren’t to my taste.  Previously I found in the summer it would be insane neon coloured tops and in the winter tight dresses that nobody needed to see me poured into, believe me…but, I have been seriously impressed the past maybe 2 seasons.  The brand feels way more wearable to me and I’m drooling over the A/W shoe collection most weeks.

Right, back to my actual post… THE SHOES! No messing around, have a look for yourself.



Green Satin – Shop here

 6Nude Crushed Velvet – shop here

Are you guys in love as much as me? let me know.

Mucho Love,

Louise. X

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