Belfast you Beaut (Part 1)

Hey guys hope you are having a fabulous week!

As you will know from my Instagram and Facebook, I was in Belfast a couple of weeks ago for a girls Christmas weekend. It was booked with intention of seeing the Chistmas markets there but it turned into much more and possibly one of the best weekends away I could have imagined. So sit down, enjoy and get ready to want to book flights to Belfast. #JustSaying


Soooo as always with my life, the Thursday night before I went, my room was in chaos because I couldn’t decide what to bring… Story of my life! Honestly on Friday morning I was still half packed waiting for clothes to dry.  I don’t think I will ever change, i’ll always be that one packing as last minute as possible.  Once I was finally packed (and over my mini breakdown about what I wanted to bring), I set off to the airport and met a couple of the girls I was flying with.  We set up camp at the bar to begin our weekend in style and well our weekend almost finished there when we lost track of time and nearly missed our flight.  No joke, they just about let us board the plane…. I swear you couldn’t script the situations I find myself in.  I am possibly one of the most dramatic people you will ever come across and can make spilling milk into a theatre worthy performance but I acted so calm in this situation, I surprised myself! I was at the airport TWO hours before my flight and I nearly miss it because I am having the lol’s and bants at the bar. Luckily for us we got on board and after a minor delay (not our fault btw) we were off.  Belfast, here we come.



When we landed in Belfast two of our friends were there to pick us up and we made our way to the house we were staying. We booked our accommodation through We rented two houses in close proximity to each other, just outside the city. After settling into the house we had a quick cup of tea (essential) possibly a beer or two and made our way out to the local pubs for a few Friday night drinks.  First stop of the night was at The Harp Bar to see Disco Beard play.  This was my first time listening to them and OH MY GOD if you are in Belfast, look them up.  They are amazing.  You can check their Facebook page out here.  It was such a perfect start to the evening because it put all of us in flying form.  When the band finished up we started our bar crawl around the city but first up, FOOD! Now it’s no secret, a well fed Louise is a happy Louise so we stopped off at a Street Food Market where I continued to joke about being so urban because I was at a street food market. All jokes aside, I fell in love here.  I fell in love with pizza and if I could have pizza like it right now as I write up this blog I would be the happiest girl but I don’t. It was from Belfast Wood Fired Pizza Company. Now fear not if you ain’t feeling the ‘urban’ vibes like us you can actually go to their restaurant. I would recommend it if its anything like the food market Pizza. I ate a pizza and a half and felt zero guilt not because it was fat free or anything but it was just so tasty. When I had successfully eaten everyone’s left overs we made our way to Kelly’s Cellars.  It’s the oldest pub in Belfast so it would have been rude to skip it.  I was told it was the place to drink Guinness, so obviously I had to have one. This pub like everywhere in Belfast seemed to be, hopping with people.  There was a great buzz around the place.




After this our night continued to Robinsons/ Fibbers for a drink and a bit of a boogie.  The rest of our party if you will, joined us here as they flew into Belfast on the evening flight.  Once we were all reunited, we moved on to The Perch for some cocktails on the rooftop bar. So cosmopolitan of us, I know… jokes! It was pretty busy in here and finding a place to stand never mind sit was a little difficult but its worth a vist for sure.  The roof top is quirky and fun.  It has a good feeling about it with all the people, its noisy but comfortable. After our cocktails and acting like we were ladies from sex and the city we put the coats backs on and made our way to 39 Gordon Street in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter to bust some more shapes listening to  Allan McGreevy play who, like everyone we listened to playing in Belfast was amazing.  We stayed here for the rest of our night dancing all our woes away.  When Allan finished up we made our way outside to get our Taxis.  Now I should mention we didn’t meet a taxi man who wasn’t anything but beyond friendly however, you could be waiting a while for a taxi when you are in a big group so it may be worth pre booking them. We used fonaCAB all weekend.  They have an app you can use to make booking even easier when you are in a noisy pub and can’t hear people on the phone. Once we got home, we had a few midnight (or slightly later) snacks and off to bed for that much needed beauty sleep.



That’s all for part 1 of my Belfast trip but pop back tomorrow for Part 2, where I become tour guide blogger instead of pub blogger like today!


(soz about this blurry one, it was a bit late in the night!!)

Hope you enjoyed today’s post and talk to you tomorrow, Louise. X



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