Long Weekend Prep

It’s no secret I LOVE going away.  It can just be one night away from my apartment but I love it. I love getting to stay in hotels and just that feeling you get… bliss! I am particularly excited about my next adventure because I am off to Milan.  I’ve never been but my mouth is watering thinking about the food already.  I’m going for a long weekend with the boyf.  It was out Christmas present to each other, so I have been looking forward to it for quite some time!  If you have been before and have any tips on where is good, drop me a line.  I do enjoy a bit of exploring.


Anyway, with every trip I go on, there is a packing dilemma as you well know.  I’m getting better (I think) but still I like to start thinking in advance what I will wear. I decided to go into London for a look in the shops and pick up some new bits for going at the weekend.  I don’t know why I go shopping in the city at the weekends, it’s crazy busy and not the most enjoyable experience but I powered through like a soldier and managed to get some of what I was looking for.


Watch (similar)  – Sunglasses (Similar) – Belt


JeansTshirt (similar) – Trainers (similar)

I spent the whole day going from store to store just browsing and attempting to queue to try stuff on and then re-queuing to buy the clothes (long day).  In the end I came to the conclusion, no wonder so many people prefer online shopping.  It can get so frustrating spending half your day fighting through crowds of people.  It wears you out. Also, another reason people are probably pro online is because I noticed how many discount codes I received in the past week to use online and not for in store.  You are not encouraged to shop in store anymore so when you do, you nearly feel cheated because you are paying full whack.  Bearing the online shizz in mind, I thought I would put together some outfit ideas to help anyone maybe having nice weekend away for the Easter or anyone who just needs some new outfits for the weekend because, if you don’t treat yourself, who will?

Dinner Date

It’s not often I go for dinner where I get all dressed up, but it’s something that we should all do every now and then. Treat Yo Self and all that jazz.  Whilst I am away, I’ll get the opportunity but if you’re better than me and do it more regularly, well done & this outfit would be perfect for you.  It’s girly and flirty and just perfect for a date night I think.  The dress is on point with this seasons trends, just look at them layered sleeves.


DressTrenchClutchWatch – Shoes

Cocktails and Dancing with your Gal Pals

I love, love, LOVE a good cocktail night.  Who doesn’t I suppose?  There is something instantly more appealing about going out when it’s for cocktails.  Here is something I would have as a go to for such the occasion.  You will have probably noticed I am a fan of more shift and swing dress styles.  I personally feel they are far more complimentary on my figure.  I’m not one for bodycon or really fitted clothes just because I don’t always feel like they show off my best features. This outfit is something that you can get plenty of wear out of too, you can mix and match with so much stuff.  I am a firm believer in not buying something unless you know it works with more than one thing you already own.

DressJacketShoesBagCircle NecklaceNecklace


I love going for brunch dates.  It’s the perfect excuse to dress up a little and go for a catch up with friends or family.  The outfit I have put together is not over the top so when you are finished with brunch you can still go about the rest of your day without feeling conscious walking down the street in what you are wearing.  I have mixed pink and reds in this one.  I love colour clashing and really feel like it adds an extra pop of wow to what your wearing but if that isn’t for you, take out the red fish nets and red lippy, or add a pair of tights if you ain’t feeling bare legs wear it how you feel comfortable babes!

DressJacketBootsSocksHandbagWatch – Lipstick

Sunday Sesh –

This is a very real thing where us girls can struggle I think.  We want to look nice but you know, not too nice that everyone thinks we put in a big effort!! My go to has to be Topshop Jamie jeans for something like this.  Throw them on with a basic slogan t-shirt, a bomber jacket and its super comfy but looks good.  To add that bit of sass to it I would put some sparkly socks with a low sandal, alternatively if you really want to keep it casual, switch the sandals for trainers, ones like I’ve used below in my exploring outfit would fit perfect.

JeansBomber Jacket TshirtSandalsSocksBagWatchSunglasses

A day of Exploring

If you are off for a casual day out just to pass time I think this sort of outfit would be perfect.  It’s no frills and fuss, just thrown on and you can fell comfy all day.  If jumpsuits aren’t your thing though, switch it up with a pair of your favourite jeans and the rest will still work.


I will be sure to give you outfit updates from Milan so you can see what I bought!

Louise. X

P.S – If you found this post helpful, please let me know in the comments below, on my Instagram or over on my Facebook.

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