I’m back from Milan and I can’t help but still have them holiday blues like everyone gets and just cant shake off.  Although I was only gone for a few days, I just want to pack my bag and head off again, but before I start planning my next trip away lets talk about Milan….


So as I mentioned in my Pre-Milan post I was going for the long weekend with the boyf.  We took advantage of the super long Easter weekend and jetted off on the Friday morning, early.  We picked the 7:30am flight to Malpensa airport so we would have the whole day to spend roaming Milan.   Although it was really tiring having such an early start I think it was worth it when I look back. I didn’t think it that Friday night when I was ready to crawl into bed about 8pm but I powered through until at least half 10. (I know guys,  I’m a trooper!!)


When we landed in Milan we made our way to the train station to get into the city.    This is really easy to do.  We landed into Terminal 2 and the station is not even a 5 minute walk outside of the airport. It wasn’t very busy at the train station either so buying the tickets was easy.  You buy a one way ticket into the city for £13 each.  We got on the train to the central station but looking back we could have gone directly to a station closer to our hotel, oh well though, no harm done! We then got the metro to the area where our hotel was.  Be careful when buying your metro tickets from the machines.  There are women hanging round waiting for tourists to confuse you by interrupting you when you are trying to buy tickets.  Tell them to go away, you don’t need there help!!  Once we got our tickets we jumped on the metro in the hope of not getting lost. We were quite lucky our hotel was about a two minute walk from the Missori metro stop.  Not that google maps helped us on that, am I the only one who gets more lost using that stupid thing?



This is possibly the most Irish thing I could start with but you need to know what the weather is like before going I always think.  I had looked it up and seen that we were due really nice warm weather but one day was predicted to rain. Thankfully, the rain stayed away for us but I had packed a jacket and some jeans to be prepared.  I was so glad that I had the jeans and another pair of trousers with me because the nights were cold, especially up on the rooftop bars.  I would have froze if I had worn the dresses I actually packed for the evenings.






We stayed at The Square Hotel which was a perfect location if you ask me.  It’s a 5 minute walk to the Milan Cathedral and a lot of the shops.  It wasn’t over busy around the hotel which was nice because at night you couldn’t hear any noise on the street. We also had a rooftop bar at the hotel which was so handy for when you just wanted to have a drink in the evening before going out for dinner or wherever.  I won’t lie,  though, you wouldn’t stay there drinking all night as the prices are a little expensive but nothing you won’t come to expect in Milan believe me. Our room and the whole hotel was pristine, it had everything we needed  (expect an iron but you can use the laundry room in the hotel next door if you need to).  We booked the hotel just after Christmas on, it cost us around £550 for the weekend (3 nights), breakfast included. We knew we could have booked a less expensive hotel but it was our Christmas present to each other, it was in a good location and we thought feck it why not. YOLO an all that jazz!!







Honestly, I went to Milan with full intention of eating my own weight in pasta and pizza and anything carb related, so I didn’t mind what we did besides that!  Food was 100% priority for me.


We decided to go and visit Milan Cathedral.  This may not be for everyone’s taste but I really wanted to go on the terrace and see the view of Milan.  This is a must if you are going to get tickets.  The view is beautiful.  The Cathedral itself is a separate queue from the terrace, so bare that in mind if you want to go.  Allow yourself time for queuing in both lines, and bring water if it’s hot (and sun-cream, if you burn like me!).    After being on the terrace we made our way down into the Cathedral.  It’s very calming in there.  Obviously nobody is running about making loads of noise, its peaceful.


Another morning out for us was going to the football stadium.  This one was Arnie’s pick if you didn’t guess. It was something he was keen on seeing. It so happened to be the weekend AC Milan were playing Inter-Milan.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get tickets which was a shame but we still decided to go to the stadium and have a look about before the game.  We got the tram straight to the stadium which took about half an hour.  We were there before the game started so we just had a few drinks and grabbed a sandwich there too (girls gotta eat, you know!). Once the game kicked off we made our way back towards the hotel.  Instead of getting the tram we opted to walk as the route was really straight forward and both of us agreed the best way to see a place is walking.

Along the way we stopped in some clothes shops for a look and got ourselves some drinks and nibbles. I don’t know if I mentioned but in a lot of places in Italy when you are buying drinks they bring you light bites to have. I mean COME ON, this is the dream.  We were in ro rush anywhere so we took our time just roaming about and seeing what we could.  We stumbled into some really nice stores that we don’t have in the UK  and I swear I fell in love with each and every she store we passed.  I could easily have spent all our beer/cocktail tokens as you say, on new shoes!


At night, we tried out different cocktail bars.  Out of all that we tried both of us agreed 10 Corso Como was our favourite.  Although not your trendy rooftop bar, there was just something so relaxing about the place, there is plants and trees all set around you and its tucked away from all the hustle and bustle on the streets.  Finding it can be hard if you are just crap like me and cannot follow google maps (like when searching for the hotel) to save your life but we got there… eventually and made sure to return.  This was about a 20 min drive from our hotel so we got a cab home on the Saturday night after being there.  You can walk no problem, which we did on Sunday afternoon but for the sake of £20, get the taxi at night.  You can’t put a price on your safety in my opinion.

The bar is along a street with numerous other bars that you can try and there is nightclubs too if that’s what you are looking or.  We didn’t go into any of the nightclubs but everywhere was busy on the Saturday night. This area was probably the busiest we seen, around the Cathedral and our hotel wasn’t lively at night at all.


Now…. The most important part!


Pasta and a hell of a lot of it!!!

IMG_4525As a pizza lover I was shocked in myself I didn’t order any when I was there but fear not I tasted plenty of Arnie’s and it was as delicious as you could imagine.  I just craved pasta dishes out there and they definitely didn’t disappoint either.. ohhhh take me back! Italian is by far my favourite food, by a mile, always will be I think. I never really feel let down after an Italian meal. It’s so tasty and carb fricken heaven, my dream.

We were quite lucky having breakfast included in the price of our hotel so that saved us going out looking for somewhere.  I don’t mind a croissant breakfast with coffee but it’s not so much Arnie’s thing.  He’s more of a English breakfast type guy so we had everything there at the hotel to suit both our requirements. Win win!!

From bolognaise to carbonara, I was spoilt for choice everywhere we went.  There is nothing better than having dinner and being completely satisfied leaving the table. I could honestly see myself living in Italy, for the food alone.

Something I found when I visited Rome and again in Milan, I avoided eating crappy food like sweets.  I was looking forward to having really tasty lunches and dinners.  For someone with a sweet tooth like mine you would think I couldn’t resist but the food….. Just WOW!

Like I said I tasted most of the pizzas Arnie ordered and you can’t beat them.  The flavour is something that just makes your taste buds explode.  If only Dominos could make them like Italians! lol

Okay I lied, we may have had gelato too but you know when in Milan! 



So I kept my wardrobe very simple for going away.  If you don’t know me by now I am all comfort.  I love to look nice but I do not wear clothes that  I know I will feel conscious in and when traveling to a country to follow your love of food, there was no need for bodycon, lets just put it like that!


Jeans/ASOS River Island Similar White Shirt/Zara Shoes/H&M


Tshirt/ And Other Stories (similar here) – Skirt/ New Look Socks/ Calvin Klein – Trainers/Adidas (similar here)


(Similar) Trainers/ Adidas Socks/ASOS


Jeans/ASOS & River Island – Jumper/Zara This is not online, I got in store – Shoes/Next –



Pre Book tickets – If you plan on seeing a football game or visiting the cathedral, book your tickets before going. We could have easily seen the game if we booked the tickets when we booked the flights in January.  This is a big regret for us.  So make sure you look into things like this before going.

I did read that you don’t need to pre-book cathedral tickets either but just do it, it cost like 0.50c more but saves you a hell of a lot of queuing time. You can’t get that time back okay.  Its so boring just waiting in a line to go wait in another line, just pre book and collect!!

Dress Code for the Cathedral – You must cover your shoulders and down as far as your knees.  I had to wrap a scarf around me because my skirt was too short.  I should have known this would have been a thing because it was the same in Rome.  I just never looked into it before we went.  So remember to pack something appropriate. 

The Real cost of the holiday – Okay so Milan is not cheap! Not cheap at all, I have previously been to Rome and found it more affordable for drinks.  My advice if you are planning to go to Milan is look up places you are thinking of eating at or drinking and try see on average what you will need especially if you plan on shopping too.


Public Transport or Taxi’s – I would recommend public transport as much as you can really.  It’s not expensive and its very easy to use.  You can buy tram tickets at any of the metro stations.  I always think this way if you choose to get off before your actual stop and walk some of the way you can with ease.  As I said before, we got a cab home from the bar on the Saturday night because we weren’t 100% sure of the way so obviously if you don’t feel comfortable walking or using public transport there are Taxi ranks around.

Comfy Shoes – Like any city break I did a lot of walking.  If you plan the same and not getting cab’s everywhere bring comfy shoes and hell trainers are still a fashion piece so you will fit right in!


So there you have it… at long last my trip to Milan! Sorry it took so long, between work, sport and well that bank holiday we just had I didn’t have much time for the laptop in the evenings!

I really hope you enjoyed the post and would love to hear back for you!


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