L.K.Bennett Discount

So, they may be a little more than you would normally shell out for shoes if you buy on the high-street but, this weekend, L.K.Bennett are giving 20% off all shoes with the discount ‘20SHOES‘ and it’s seriously worth investing in.

When I was at Uni I worked part-time for them so I can testify that I have worn the shoes and I am a fan.  For work we were required to wear heels and although I did go for a small heel I found I could run up and sown the stairs all day at work with minimal discomfort! I decided to share a post about the discount because as any girl I am always on the look out for heels that I can actually walk in for the night.  I am going to the races in July and I am well aware I will be standing up for quite some time. The last thing you need is for your feet to swell, you can’t enjoy your day because all you can think about it how the balls of your feet are burning and you just want to take the damn shoes off and soak your feet in ice…. or is that just me who gets like that? lol!!

When I seen the discount pop up I decided to have a little gander at the new season shoes and here is what I have my eyes on.  Nothing is about a 3 and a half inch heel height because I’m looking for wearable shoes that are still pretty! 😉



















4 3


The flats below are probably one of my fav’s ! They are just so pretty and would be brilliant during the day with dresses or jeans.



Hope you all have a Happy Thursday and let me know if you buy anything with the L.K.Bennett discount, I’d love to know!


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