Who doesn’t love a day where they get to dress up as the best version of themselves?  Recently, I got to do just that.  I went to Ascot for the day with the boyf and some friends and it was just amazing. Such a good day out and would highly recommend everyone to do it. It was the King George VI Weekend and we got tickets for The Queen Anne Enclosure.  The weather could have been better but I couldn’t dwell on that because we did have the option of standing under shelter if we had to.  With it being my first time going racing here in the UK, I was pretty damn excited, so the weather was never going to dampen my mood anyway!

(Check me out with all my handsome dates for the day!)IMG_6533.JPG



I found deciding what to wear a little difficult if I’m honest, because I wasn’t going to ladies day and I was in fact, the only lady going our group for the day.  I don’t know if you’re like me or not,  but I am usually over dressed for most occasions and never really care however, sometimes if you are, you feel awkward but then you don’t want to be underdressed either. It’s a difficult situation to be in!!  When you are the only girl, you feel like you might look too much.  In the end I decided on a dress from Next and I could not have been happier with my choice. I had been eyeing it up for a while so I was pretty damn pleased when it arrived and fitted like a glove.

My shoes were also a Next purchase from a while back. They are so pretty and as far as high heels go, not the most uncomfortable.  I’m not the type to wear heels all day everyday so I was happy with how they felt. The hat, well the hat was last minute but that’s a common thing for me, leaving stuff to the last minute.  I got it from Debenhams as I wasn’t sure if I as 100% committed to wearing it.  I am so glad I did.  I really felt it finished of my outfit and I felt really pretty.



DRESS (sold out in the UK but its on the German website) SIMILAR HERE/ SHOES (sold out – Flat version HERE or another option I considered HERE) / BAG (Mine was Primark but I have found SIMILAR) / HAT / CARDIGAN




How handsome does he look? Call me bias all you want, but I don’t care!!

Arnie was probably looking forward to the dressing up as much as I was.  It’s one thing we have in common, clothes and a serious obsession for them.  He picked up this suit from Next and I have to say it fitted him lovely.  I always find when Arnie is buying a suit that Next not only win on the range of choice but the fit too.  For his shirt, rather than wearing a crisp white one, he decided on a blue mini dogtooth which looked beauts with his textured stone suit.  I loved the contrast of the textures and just felt it added more depth to his outfit.  When us women are picking clothes we have far more textures, colours and prints we can be adventurous with so I like when men get the opportunity to mix and match.




When you are spending a day at the races there is some things you should just pop in your bag so you are covered for the whole day and night. To be fair I did have a decent size clutch handbag with me, if it had been smaller I don’t know if it all would have fit!

  • Money & ID
  • Ticket for races
  • Lipstick
  • Perfume or small travel size deodorant
  • Power Bank Charger for my phone
  • Most important…. FLAT SHOES!

So as you can see from my list I did bring flats with me because I’m not stupid, I knew my feet would be hurting but the evening and knowing I was going to pubs/ clubs after the races I would have been kidding myself to think I could stick the heels for the day.  If you can fit them in your bag and you know you aren’t the type to stay in heels all day, bring them.  You will not regret that decision.


This L’Oreal lipstick is a must have in your bag, it’s the one I wore on the day.  It comes in a range of colours and I mean its a lip staining dream. It’s the 24hr Infallible lip and guys its so long lasting, I have fallen in love!!  When I got home in the early hours of the morning I had to scrub it off before bed.  That to me is worth a buy.  It’s quite a steal too because it only cost me £9.99 in boots.  I wore shade Relent Rouge and will definitely be buying myself a couple more of the colours.  Massive thumbs up from me.


So that was what we wore to the races and I am already excited about going again next year.  It can be an expensive day out if you are betting and drinking but it is worth the money, if you can afford it.   I was in particular good form at the end of the day  as I won money on every race.  Don’t doubt the luck of the Irish, lol!


If you are off to the races this year I hope you have as much fun dressing up as I did! Feel free to get in touch if you would like me to do a full post on occasion dressing?


P.S: Just an FYI:  This Post wasn’t actually sponsored by Next, it just so happens we both found our outfits online!





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