DATES 1: Arnie’s Birthday (part1)

This week I am back with the first of hopefully many ‘Dates’ posts.  I figured it was something I could do to give you ideas of places to go or things to do.  I love doing something different every month (if I can afford to), and this month it was kicked off with a day out for Arnie’s Birthday.   I can’t actually take credit for finding the bars we went to on this one but i’m gonna tell you about the day anyway.


So, this year rather than stay local to where we live, we decided to go somewhere different and see some place new.  We organised for a group of us to meet about midday and travel together in to London – Just a pre warning here, always allow extra time when you are in a group.  Between bathroom breaks and food stops along the way, you need to build in time! haha

We started the day at………

When Arnie mentioned he wanted to go here I obvs jumped straight on to google to find out what and where he was raving about because I had never heard of this place and to see if I would accept the invitation to go. 😜(Okay I was always going but I googled anyway.) We decided on going to the bar in Peckham. There is also one in Stratford which I would be interested in going to just to compare -I’ll let you lot know if I do.

So the bar is full of old school games like Mario Kart, Street Fighter & Pin Ball machines to name a few. It’s any game lovers heaven really.  When we first arrived I can’t say it looked super trendy and cool like how I had imagined in my head, but looks ain’t everything babes.  Once we got inside and ordered some drinks we spent hours just playing games and having such a laugh.  I firmly believe by having the right crowd with you, you will enjoy it.  Before you can play any of the games, you change up coins into quarters.  4 quarters will cost you a £1 and each game only cost a quarter. Mario Kart is free so it’s not an expensive place really.  It really brought back all the old memories of playing sega mega drive when I was a child.

The bar has a range of craft beers and a cocktail bar, unfortunately the cocktail bar wasn’t open downstairs but that didn’t’ dampen the moods!




IMG_7825(This photo is a little blurry but just wanted you lot to see how intense it got playing Mario Karts!!)

When we finished up at The Four Quarters, one of the group (Sarah) suggested we go to Franks Café which is also in Peckham.  It was only about a 10 min walk from where we were so we thought why not and off we went. – Question: Where were we before google maps? How did we survive! lol



Okay before I get in to one about Franks, lets just take a second to appreciate the brightest pinks walls you will ever see here.  Honestly, perfect photo back drop!  I guess you could describe the colour as kitsch really.  It was just so cool though! Now back to the day…..

Franks is a little bit arty and probably like The Four Quarters in the fact that it’s not everyone’s taste but I have to say I really enjoyed it.  It’s basic so don’t expect fancy décor and lighting. It’s the roof of a car park but as I said I liked it. It’s a no fuss, chilled place. Part of the area is covered over for shelter if it starts to rain and there is seating in there too. It’s got long benches and tables where everyone can sit together.  I think this gives it a buzzing atmosphere.  Along with drinks you can get food here, which if I had my way I would have tasted but anywayyyyyy (rolls eyes to heaven because we didn’t get food haha).  The drinks here are your average London prices. Prices you expect in any city so just keep that in mind when you are planning a drinks day.  We didn’t stay here mega long, we just had a few and hit the road again.

NOTE** This place is only open for the summer months and I actually think we were there for it’s last night until it re-opens but put it in the diary guys, it’s one to go to next summer.


We went on the hunt for more fun places to spend our night, we jumped on the tube and headed towards the city.  We made our way to Blackfriars.  At this point we had all had a few drinks and there was a lot of singing and dancing.  We stood under the bridge at Bankside and laughed so much it hurt for about half an hour as George sang with a group that were signing at the station .  It’s so pretty along this area as you are on the waterfront and come on, them London views…. BEAUTIFUL! We popped into a bar along the way to try and make a plan but you guessed it, no plan was made!! We enjoyed our drinks in here but it wasn’t the lively atmosphere we were after so back to the street and we found ourselves by London Borough Markets.  We weren’t worried about where to go because our group had leaders, George and Sian knew where to take us.  We made our way to the heeltap bar.  It was getting on a bit in the night when we got here but we had some drinks and made our way outside to their courtyard area.  I 100% want to go back here during the day and fully experience this bar because we didn’t wait long. It looks so pretty and it has to be worth a second visit.

Once we left here we tried to continue on but it was home time for some.  We made our way back to the train station (without stopping for some upper crust deliciousness, may I add) and got our butts home!

(I know it’s blurry, but this was our last group shot of the night!!)

A question I get asked quite often from people about days out in London is how much is costs?  It’s not always cheap.   If you are travelling in a group, try check if you can get group save tickets.  This makes your travel cost a lot cheaper when buying rail card etc.  It’s always worth asking if you aren’t sure whether this is available or not! Remember if you don’t ask, you won’t get.

Like I mentioned above, drinking in London is similar to drinking in most cities, it can work out as an expensive day depending on where you decide to go.  Try look up some places and check out if there is a happy hour or any drink promotions.

If you are like me, a lot of money can be spent on food.  If you hadn’t guessed from this post or numerous others,  I like to operate on a full belly, so for me I like to check out if where I am going has food available or if I will need to have snacks.  Snacking is expensive for a gannet like myself. I spoke to Arnie about this after our day in London and came to the conclusion for future days out I think I will keep food in my bag where I can.  Just something to have when you are gallivanting around on the tubes and drinking.  It may sound stupid but I’m not good with drinking all day and then going from hot spaces (tube) to cold.  I find myself getting really weak so the bag snacks is a future must for health reason and the wallet!!

I think the important thing is get savvy, do your research, make a plan where possible and remember drink responsibly kids!

Would it be a blog post for me if I didn’t tell you all about the clothes I wore? No it wouldn’t, so here you go!

For a day like we had in London I knew I would have to keep it comfy but not out im my adidas tracksuit comfy so I decided on a skirt and trainers combo.  With it now being very autumnal, tights are back in swing but it just felt a little too dark putting plain black tights with this outfit so I opted for the fishnets.  I am a fishnet lover as most of you would probably know if you follow my Instagram.


Can we take a second…… How bloody BEAUTIFUL is this jacket? If there was ever a jacket designed for me, this is it!



Actually whilst I am here, a question I get asked a lot by girls is about the lipsticks I wear. I am a lipstick gal. I carry about 3 in my bag most days, don’t ask why, I’m nuts! This bright red one is a Chanel beauty I got last Christmas and its absolutely a dream.  The colour is ‘104 Passion’.  I always use a lip liner under my lipsticks and I really find this helps the colour last.  I’m by no means an expert on makeup but I’ve seen all the you-tubers at it so it must be right!!


Thanks for reading and I really hope you like this format of posting?  Let me know what you guys think and if you have any requested posts!

Louise. X

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