Now I know you are all thinking the same as me, he milked this birthday didn’t he? I know, who does he think he is right? (jokes jokes) BUT for Arnie’s present from me this year, we headed in to London for a night away in The Landmark Hotel for a spa break.  I am well aware I got the benefits of this birthday present, but oh well! Win win for us all, yes? For so long we have both been on and on about going to a spa and never got round to it so when I was thinking of what gift to get him, I knew it would be perfect.  It’s not always something you think to spend the money on for yourself but after our weekend, I can see it being a more regular thing, for sure!






When I was searching for a place to book I knew I wanted something luxurious. I wanted an experience that we would remember and thoroughly enjoy. I guess I just didn’t want an everyday experience, I wanted something special. So hours were spent looking for a place I loved the look of and when I came across The Landmark, I just thought, PERFECT!  All of the images on their site convinced me this was the place to go and let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint! From the hotel staff to the spa, the service is perfect! Booking a hotel and spa for someone else can be challenging because you may enjoy different things but I just felt this hotel was the right fit for us both.







Skirt/ASOS – Jumper/New Look


When we checked in we were so kindly upgraded to a suite which we couldn’t have been happier about. When we got to the room, it was just so elegant and timeless. There are two rooms to the suite, a living area and then your bedroom, both with TV’s and both very comfortable to relax in. Along with the room already being perfect, there was also a little surprise for Arnie. I had previously mentioned to the reservations team that I was booking the stay for his birthday which they did not let pass because when we got to our suite, there was a birthday muffin waiting for him. – Such a nice touch!



Our suite came equipped with a love Nespresso machine and all the normal bits you find in a hotel. There was no detail missed, that’s for sure. In the evening we decided this room was too nice to not enjoy so we chilled out watching Sky and decided to order room service. I am so glad we did this because do you ever find when you go away for a night you don’t normally spend time in the hotel? It was probably the nicest feeling just chilling out, having food and knowing I didn’t have to cook the food! Honestly, it was bliss.





Jumpsuit/ Oasis (last year) Similar HERE –  Trainers/Stan Smiths – Hat/ASOS


When I first booked the hotel I contacted the spa to book our treatments right away.  I did this straight away to save disappointment of not being able to have our treatments at the same time and to ensure the day was available. I would recommend you book it as soon as possible if you are going to save disappointment. I wasn’t entirely sure what to go for since I don’t often go to spas, so I contacted the team there.  After speaking with one of them in the spa I booked for both of us to have aromatic massages. They were very helpful about it.

When we arrived, we were briefly shown around and asked to change into the robes and slippers which had been provided.  We had a couple of forms to fill out about what we wanted to gain from the massage and just the usual contact information.  For me personally I wanted to de-stress and relax (okay I know you are probably thinking, what the hell could this one be stressed over but, I feel it sometimes).  I work in an office environment and I am hunched over at a desk every day which can put a lot of pressure on your neck/shoulder area.  After I explained to my therapist what I was after, she agreed that I would have the lavender and sandalwood oil massage.

I’m not sure if many of you have had a massage before? I hadn’t, and let me just put it out there now… HAVE ONE! If there is one thing you save to treat yourself on one time, make it a massage.  Whether you are a man, a woman or a child….. It’s just so relaxing.  Our appointments were for 50 mins each and in this day and age 50 mins to yourself, without a phone or any distraction is hard to come by, but desperately needed. Have the massage!!!

Once my treatment was finished I spoke to the therapist who explained that I should make more time to have them because of the job I do (like I needed persuasion) and she explained some after care tips and things I should do to improve my skin.  I really found it helpful and will take on board what I was told.  Everyone should make their well-being more of a priority. Once we finished chatting I headed into the relaxation room to have a drink and read a magazine.

I’m afraid I didn’t take any photos of the spa area myself because I didn’t bring my phone in with me.  I’ve popped a link here, so you can look at the spa facilities.  The reason I didn’t bring my phone is because I just wanted to have time to myself and not think about refreshing my newsfeed on Facebook and Instagram.  Sometimes we all need a break!



So as I mentioned earlier, we ordered room service the night we stayed in the hotel. There is a wide variety to decide from so there was no reason not to. Now, don’t get me wrong you don’t have to have this because the hotel offers a number of dining options. You can check them out here, but our food was delicious. I went with a pasta dish which won’t shock any of you who follow my Instagram and Arnie picked a burger, which is no big shock either. We really are creatures of habit!



In the morning we made our way down to the Winter Garden for our breakfast. It was a breakfast buffet and OH MY, it had so much choice. You could have eggs, pancakes, fruit, muesli, pastries or even several different cheeses. I could have stayed there sampling the different foods all morning but after my three courses, I felt I had enough! (And here I wonder why I never achieve my summer body goals? Haha) I think this breakfast was probably one of my favourite parts of the whole stay and I have considered treating myself to another night here because there are so many different packages to pick from, see here. I am pretty keen to save and book the Village Shopping City Stay because lets face it, that is my kind of break.





As always I like to keep you guy in the loop on costs however, I cannot give you the exact price you will pay as it varies on time of year and what exactly you are booking.  On average you will spend around £400 and above. The room service for food and drinks costs extra so bear that in mind if you are there and decide to have it. I would recommend you checking with the hotel and asking their rates, that way you can gauge when is most affordable time to go for you.  I know it won’t be within everyone’s budget, but I just thought it was such a nice experience I had to share it.  I will be on the lookout for other deals and offers for spa days so I will keep you posted if I have any more days out!

Hope you all have a happy and relaxed Tuesday!

Louise. X




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