If I receive one more ‘New in’ email this week, I may cry.  I am so very VERY aware that every shop is dropping stock like we are walking around naked and I always have a look just to see what’s about, but it’s soul destroying when you love fashion and know you can’t afford everything because, you know, life and all that.

I am 100% a shopping lover. Borderline addict I suppose.  I adore it and not just for me, I would happily shop for anyone who wanted me to help!! So I have been thinking that I can’t be the only creature that’s tempted by the new stock but doesn’t want to buy the wrong pieces and be left with a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing seems to sit well together.  I don’t want to JUST have trend pieces that won’t carry me through autumn and winter easily. I want a mix of clothes that I can be happy with for the next few months.  I need whatever money I allocate to shopping, to be spent well.  I need clothes I won’t be sick of in a week’s time.  Yah with me??

I decided to put together a budget of £300 and see what I could get for that from New Look.  I picked New Look because they carry a massive range of stock which is usually very affordable and stylish. I shop there myself regularly and always feel like I get something for my dolla dolla! They do always hit the nail on head with trends but they carry a lot of everyday basics which every gal needs, ya know! Now, you may be saying £300 is A LOT of money and I completely agree, it is, but this is to buy a multitude of pieces.  Some you may have already, or have something extremely similar so you won’t need to purchase and some you might not like! It’s just to show you how much £300 can fill your wardrobe for the coming months without feeling left out of all the trends!

My shopping list is as follows:

  • 1 leather look jacket  – £29.99
  • 1 coat – £39.99
  • 5 tops/jumpers – £62.95
  • 1 Pair of jeans – £25.99
  • 1 skirt -£17.99
  • 1 dress – £29.99
  • 2 pairs of shoes – £42.98
  • Jewellery  – £14.97
  • 1 Handbag – £15.99
  • 1 Hat – £9.99
  • 1 Scarf – £6.99

TOTAL SPEND: £297.82



COAT                         CARDIGAN                          JUMPER                 LEATHER JACKET



TSHIRT                                                  BLOUSE                                     ROLL NECK



SKIRT                                            DRESS                                                   JEANS



BOOTS                                                                       LOAFERS

5.jpg                NECKLACES                                 EARRINGS                                   RING SET

6.jpg                    SCARF                                           HAT                                                BAG


As you can see, you can get so much for your money you just have to be clever and pick pieces that can really be mixed and matched.  I haven’t gone crazy with loads of different colours and I picked what I feel can compliment each other. One thing I try to do when shopping for clothes is make sure I feel like me when I wear it.  I think to myself,  can I style this different ways and still feel comfortable in it? Will it represent my style?

I didn’t want to keep you guys reading all day/night so here is some ways I would style the pieces.  If you want any more tips, tricks or style ideas don’t hesitate to message me.  I’d love to help, anytime.







There are so many more combinations but I’d be here forever! I really hope this has helped.

Louise. X



Note: All links I have used are affiliate links.  (This won’t alter the price if you decide to buy but it just means I get a small percentage from New Look if you purchase.)

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