There is no way around it, you will need some sort of coat for the next few months to help you get through the autumn/ winter.  For me, this is my dream.  I love coats and get excited as the prospect of buying a new one when I can.  I understand we all shop with different budgets and I want you to realise you can buy yourself a coat which will last you more than one season without forcing you to over spend.  I have picked some staples I think will slot into majority of wardrobes with ease and all for under £100.

Right, lets go…

The Classic Wool Overcoat (Crombie Style): Year after year this coat will always be around and its one you should invest in for all the times you want to look “put together” in the colder months.  I have a couple that I bought and received over the years and if you treat them well, they will last.  I adore this style because it’s just a coat I think fits my style and life so well.  It’s smart & chic.  I always feel so good when I am wearing a good fitting over coat.

A little piece of advice I have for anyone buying an overcoat is to make sure it fits you well on your shoulders and across your back.  If a coat sits well on your shoulders, it will make you appear slimmer and give you a better shape.  I know for me personally, I need a coat with shoulder pads as I have rounded shape.  If I get a coat without shoulder pads it doesn’t look as neat on me.   If you have more of a squared shape this won’t be an issue because you can wear coats that don’t have pads. They just don’t work for me unfortunately!

               CAMEL COAT                               NAVY COAT

6                                           CHECK WOOL COAT

              GREEN COAT                                         BURNT ORANGE


The Aviator:  I wonder how we lived without aviators just a few years ago?  They were no where near in demand like now and I cannot see them going away entirely for some time.  If you want warmth, trendy, and versatile look no further!  I have a red one in my wardrobe from last year that will be out in full force again this winter.  Worn with a chunky knit dress and biker boots, you can’t really go wrong.  I have noticed Primark/Penney’s have a range of them for the winter most years so keep your eyes peeled there but if you are in the market now, here are my favourites.

My advice on this style is don’t buy this coat fitted, these can be worn loose and oversized.  The appeal of them is to look warm, cosy and comfortable when wearing them.  Throw it on with a woolly hat and you are set to face the minus temperatures!  


                                         PLUM WITH FUR SLEEVE

                         BLACK FAUX LEATHER                      BLACK & GREEN


                  BROWN SHEARLING                    BLACK FAUX LEATHER

Faux Fur:  For me, this is as staple as the overcoat in my wardrobe, but I understand it’s not like that for everyone.  The reason I feel the need to own a faux fur is because it can be the touch of glamour you need to add to a piece for a night out or that sass factor you want for during the day.  Come Christmas time (I know it’s only October, but Christmas is my NO.1 FAVOUITE TIME) there is nothing like roaming round your local town or city in boots, jeans and a faux fur, sipping on a hot drink to make you feel good about yourself!

My thoughts and advice on this style is to not be afraid of wearing this style and having some fun with the colour you buy. I am on the hunt for a green faux fur this year. Also, try some on before you commit. Do you want a short version or one that covers your bum?  Think about whats in your wardrobe that will work with the one you decide on.  

LIGHT BROWN                                    MUSTARD



 BLACK MIDI                               BROWN MAXI

Trench:  If there is one style that will never fail you, it’s this!  The dream for me is to own a Burberry trench and believe me, I will have one some day. Honestly though, a trench coat is worth the investment because you can wear it in autumn with a tshirt and jeans or a dress underneath but come winter you can layer all you want under that bad boy and create a really trendy but workable look.  For me, if you cant afford all the styles, this one should be near number 1 to get.

Tips and tricks for this would be, know what kind of fit you are after.  Do you what a long version or would that just not work for you?  Do you want tailored or oversized?  When you’re spending your hard earned cash on something be it £50 or £500, make the buy worth it. Know what you want and what will make you want to wear it all the time.


                                    CLASSIC BEIGE

                   CHECK                                                          RED

          WOOL LOOK BLACK                             CAMEL TRENCH

Puffers:   Granted, this is more of a trend piece, but one I can see staying for the next couple of seasons.  It’s like a flash back to the 90’s isn’t it?  Personally puffers are not my day in/ day out style, so for me I haven’t invested heavily in this style, but it’s no harm having one or two to mix and match in with your current clothes.  I love a puffer when it’s going to be a more casual day and you just want comfort.  It’s a laid back style and with the amount of variety on the high street you are bound to find one for you!

For this one when it comes to styling I always think they look great with mom style jeans, trainers and a sweatshirt.  This is the ultimate comfort jacket for me. It’s another style that you can wear oversized for that real street style look.  You can play around with bright colours when it comes to a puffer because it has that cool vibe! 

RED                                             TEAL



                    BLACK WITH HOOD                                 STRIPES


I hope you found this helpful and you’re kept warm for the next couple of months! If you want to see anything in particular from my Savvy Shopping series just let me know and I can work on that next. I love hearing all your feedback.

Louise. X

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