Styling Tips and Tricks

Body shaming someone whether they are a size 0 or size 20 is something I think we have all come across in our lives. With the rise of social media recently it’s constantly shoved in our faces that we should all meet this perfect look of thin enough to have a thigh gap, but curvy enough to have Kim K’s ass and honestly, its something I’ve found a lot of people struggling with. You see a picture of someone on Instagram and wish you had their body and their hair and you just want to look like them. You nearly have to stop yourself from finding their exact outfit, buying it and wearing it the same as them in the hope you will get all them likes….

Society is telling us to dress like this person and don’t dress like that person. It’s beyond frustrating to be perfectly honest because I feel like somewhere along the way a lot of people have lost their own styling quirks. Over the years my style has evolved and grown because my tastes are different now and my size/shape has changed. I have always dressed for me and I still do.

I am a full on preacher about dressing for yourself and nobody else but I get it, it can be hard when you may not entirely love putting outfits together or you second guess what suits you. Why am I telling you about all this? Well, it’s something that I find myself talking about a lot with people.

When I started my blog I really wanted it to be a page that helped or inspired you, so when you decided to spend your hard earned cash, you felt like a million dollas after shopping. No matter what your size is or your shape, you deserve to feel like Beyoncé every time you leave the house and always remember that.

I am sharing a few tips and tricks I have found over the years that have massively helped me find my style and feel confident in whatever I’m wearing.


This is beyond important when you are looking for new clothes. No, everything doesn’t suit you but guess what… that happens everyone. Keep trying styles and colours and believe me you will start to find styles that work for your body and don’t be afraid to have a laugh at some of the stuff that didn’t suit you!

It’s no secret I enjoy trends and part of me always wants some new clothes but before I buy anything I always try think about how I’ll style it up and if it actually fits in with my everyday style. I want to make sure it’s for me!

2. Colours

So I love some colours but put them to my face and well they don’t love me as much. This doesn’t mean I can’t wear the colour at all. If you love a colour but when it’s near your face it doesn’t look good perhaps try that colour in a skirt or trousers. Don’t disregard it completely. It’s all trial and error and some shades will work and some just won’t.

3. Confidence

Just because crop tops are the business at the moment and all your friends are wearing them, that does not mean you have to. I am a massive, huge, ginormous believer in wearing something that makes you feel good. Why? Okay, have you ever seen a girl or guy and they are constantly pulling at their clothes and they just look uncomfortable? I have, and I feel their discomfort, but if you see someone standing or walking tall and proud, you are envious of their confidence. I won’t wear clothes that don’t make me feel like, me. I want to walk tall all the time I don’t want to be looking down making sure my skirt hasn’t slid up my legs and my lady bits are on show, ya knowwwww!!! Confidence is the best thing you can wear.

4. It works, if you work it, babe!

Unless you are hiding away from the world the latest trends are getting sick in your face. Are you even cool if you haven’t got the latest ‘it’ jacket? Lol! It’s so difficult to keep up, believe me I know. Don’t even talk to me on how expensive it can be but ladies and gents, I am here to tell you, look deep into that wardrobe of yours. Without sounding like a weirdo here “reduce, reuse, recycle”. You don’t have to own every part of Asos new in, to fit in. If you wear clothes that you feel beauts in then who cares. Work it gurlll!

5. Size doesn’t matter

The amount of ladies that I have met and spoke to who have told me they didn’t buy something when shopping because their normal size didn’t fit and they had to size up. This is fucking crazy. (Excuse my language). You are not defined by your shape or size. Just because the high street is struggling to use a measuring tape when deciding on fit sizes is not your fault. I am well aware that I may be a 10 in one shop but a 14 in another. I wouldn’t let that put me off shopping and you shouldn’t either. I have never been asked by someone on a night out “nice top hun, but what size are you wearing?” I think the only people to ever question what size I bought would be friends if they wanted to borrow it or buy it themselves.

So, there we have some of my tips for not feeling body shamed because of your shape or size. We all deserve to feel great and I absolutely hate when I speak to people and they say they never feel like the look good. Life is short, dress to make yourself feel like the queen you know you are!

I love hearing all your feedback so definitely get in touch and let me know what you thought!

Louise. X

P.s if you see a guy or gal and you love what they are wearing, tell them and if someone tells you, thank them! Life’s short, be kind.

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