Well, it seems like just yesterday we were prepping ourselves and building up to the Christmas holidays (okay it might have been just me) and now we are well and truly into January 2019. I swear the older I get, the quicker each month/year goes; surely I can’t be the only one who thinks this? Anyway this fresh New Year right in front of our eyes has the ability to be the best one for so many people. I take it you have all seen every Tom, Dick and Harry’s highlights of 2018 and maybe you’ve been reading or watched the goals everyone has set for themselves for this year? Don’t get me wrong it’s lovely to read what people plan for themselves for the year and it’s so insightful, but maybe a little daunting for those who are unsure what it is they want themselves.


I know personally from reading posts about everyone’s goals, wishes, bucket lists and past achievements over the years, I have been overwhelmed and honestly through no fault of anyone who wrote them and shared them, I felt a little bit shit about myself. I seen girls and guys younger than me maybe where I thought I would be career wise, some others who have travelled and made me think have I not done the right thing by taking a full time job and not travelling the world?  Some people own their own houses or their own business and I think where have I gone wrong? Am I not doing life properly??  I don’t know why, but sometimes reading what everyone else has done or plans to do makes you feel inadequate.

This year when I knew all these posts would appear on my Insta-feed, my Facebook homepage of even pop up on You-Tube, I decided to myself – I would start this year doing one thing and one thing only, living my life the way I see fit.  If I learnt anything out of 2018 it’s not to rush anything because I see someone else doing it.  Stop comparing myself to people my age or to people I think have it ‘figured out’ because lets be honest we are all winging it really.   It may sound ridiculous but in a world where everything everyone is doing is plastered in your face, it’s hard stopping yourself from trying to keep up. This year I don’t want to keep up with them, I want to stick to my own path in life and enjoy myself.


We spend so much time planning out our whole year when the clock strikes midnight on Dec 31st, when in one instant your life can be taken from you.  I’m not saying to go out and be careless, but take a step outside and smell the fresh air, take up a new hobby if that’s all you have been thinking about, start a blog if you have something to say and want people to read it. Put the phone away at the dinner table and talk to whoever is with you.  Listen to the stories your parents and grandparents are telling. Laugh with your best friend over a glass of wine. Enjoy life.  Every single one of us that are on this earth are entitled to happiness and don’t ever forget that or settle for anything less.  We need to stop looking at others and being envious of what they might possibly have.  WHO CARES? Take a look around at your own life and I bet you will find, its pretty damn amazing really.



This year the only thing I can say for you is: YOU DO YOU HUN!  I probably repeat this slogan about 100 times a week for fun but you know what, it’s so true. Keep doing your best and I guarantee you will be 100 times happier than following someone else’s path.  So that’s it, that’s my plan for 2019 and it’s something that isn’t out of reach for anyone!

Louise. X

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