What I Wore – Christmas Throwback

I have had lots of questions about some of the outfits I wore when I was at home over the Christmas break.  So firstly, thank you for everyone who asked.  It’s always a massive compliment when someone likes your outfit and/ or your styling! I decided that I would share a few of the favourites with you and where I got them.  Everything is stuff I have already planned on wearing again but in a different way or perhaps the same, we’ll see! I was actually really happy with how I styled these outfits. I felt comfy all the time and you know that’s what I am all about.

First up is my Christmas Eve outfit. We have a family night on Christmas Eve where all of us get together for the evening and spend time catching up. It’s definitely a night you want to be wearing clothes that won’t be annoying you for the night!! This jumper dress was ideal. I have it in grey too. Along with wearing them as dresses with patterned tights, I sometimes pair them with skinny jeans and boots, just to mix it up. They are F&F from Tesco however, as they no longer sell online I have popped a similar version below.


This outfit above is what I wore on Christmas Day. Majority of this outfit is from Primark and again they are not online but you can look out for them in stores. I have left similar links under the photo so you can re-create it if you like. I was actually really happy with this outfit. It wasn’t what I had originally planned on wearing but… my first choice kind of made me look like a potato and I just didn’t feel right. Looking back on this photo I cannot wait to wear this again! It was a mix of of different fabrics and it was comfy to wear for the day. The boots are the same as I wore Christmas Eve. They are from Topshop and I adore them. They have a slightly higher heel than my normal ankle boot choice and the first time I wore them, I found them a little uncomfortable however, after a couple of wears I find them far better. They have loosened out and easier to walk in for a few hours!

This co-ord was my St Stephens #OOTN (outfit of the night). I mean the only reason I wanted to go out was to wear this outfit! I was actually sick and wasn’t sure I would be able to but I put all that to the back of my mind and went out for a few hours. The day I seen this suit, I knew I had to get it. It’s extremely comfortable and the colour is amazing. The blazer is a real easy-wear piece of clothing so I had no problem getting that. I was worried about the trousers though. I was concerned about how I would re-wear they but after thinking it over I have come out with lots of different ways I want to style them, especially when we moving into Feb/ March time. I’ll keep you updated.


Finally, this was my new years outfit below. It was a really casual night as we were having a small party at home. I wanted to make sure I was really comfy. I decided on my skinny jeans with a shirt I picked up from Zara. I teamed it with a cardigan that I found when I was out shopping with my mam over the Christmas. It’s from a local shop in Westport. It’s a place where my mam has always shopped called, The Mall Boutique. They don’t have a website but it’s worth having a look on their Facebook and contacting them if you like anything you see. Here’s the link. The cardigan is great quality and perfect for layering over jeans or even skirts.


I also treated myself to boots that I absolutely love.  Every year I try to save to buy myself a little Christmas Present. A little to me from me sort of thing and it’s usually shoes! lol, no shock there!! I always pay a visit to a local shop in Mayo, Gerry McGuire’s because they usually have a selection of shoes and bags that are right up my street.  This year they didn’t disappoint! I fell in love as soon as I lay my eyes on them.  I didn’t buy them on the spot.  I decided to leave it for a day or two and think about them to make sure they were what I wanted and they were.  Now, like most of my fashion choices, they are not everyone’s taste but they are mine and even if you hate them, I LOVE THEM!! They are really comfortable and I know I will get so much wear out of them.  They are perfect for work.  They cost €185 which I know it pricey but I always think of my cost per wear. Prepare to see these bad boys A LOT for the next while! 🙂

That’s all of my favourite outfits I wore over the Christmas. I hope you liked them too!
If You are ever looking for some styling advise, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Email me, Facebook message me or slide into the DM’s on insta, whichever is easiest for you and I will always try and help!

Louise. X


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