Cardio or Cadbury’s?

It’s always this time of year we all feel the bloat from Christmas or perhaps the guilt of hibernation since maybe October….. or is that just me? 🙈 I have spend the last few months swapping cardio for Cadburys and now it’s catching up with me!! I believe we all want to spend the year feeling good, fit and healthy. Along with your physical well being, people sometimes forget about how getting active can help their mental well being.

Last year I lost a lot of interest in playing football and I suppose physical fitness in general. I felt like I couldn’t get back into the groove of it and I basically quit. For a good while I didn’t miss it. I was happy not playing or being as active as I previously was, but I soon realised the reason I was feeling so sluggish and tired in the evenings after work was because I wasn’t getting enough fresh air. This may happen to you too or maybe not, but the less I do, the more tired I feel. Although I walk to and from work each day, it wasn’t enough. I was bored, getting frustrated and lacked motivation. It really isn’t healthy not getting enough exercise for your body. I know I could have easily gone to a gym to exercise but I genuinely do not enjoy the gym.  I will go swimming when I can or go out for fresh air but so easily you fall into a cycle of laziness if you don’t stay on top of it and suddenly you’re not doing anything.  That’s what happened me, I let a few things get me down during the year and I just lost motivation.  By the end of last year I knew I had to make a change so I have gone back to training with the football team and I absolutely love it again.  I am really enjoying being out and meeting people and just feeling better in myself. 

I have also decided that I will do more in the evenings after work in regards walking or running.  It really helps to clear my head and I don’t want that laziness from last year to creep back in.  I understand it’s not easy for everyone and you may not enjoy it. I can only speak from my experience by saying just doing a little bit each day can make a world of difference. I have put a few ideas below to try and help if you are looking to get active this year. Also, I have linked some new workout gear because sometimes just putting on a fresh training t-shirt could help motivate you! Don’t knock the little things that can help.


  • Get all your gear you need washed and feeling fresh.  It’s a little trick I use.  If my clothing is freshly washed and ready to go, I feel better.
  • When you think you can’t start, just walk out that door and say to yourself “even if I only do 20 mins of exercise, it’s something”.
  • You don’t have to immediately join a gym because it’s January and everyone else is doing it.

  • Find something you like and start there. If you don’t enjoy it, you will never succeed in it. This might mean you start small with taking the stairs instead of the elevator from now on, if you hate running, just start walking for 30 mins everyday.  Start small and work on it!
  • When you do start, try and push yourself a little more each time you exercise. For example, if you walk 2km’s on the Monday, try walk 2.5km’s by the end of the week.  Take it day by day maybe you can push yourself further than that but always try improve where you can even just a little.
  • Ask a friend to join you if you know you like company when exercising.  Sometimes it can be good to have someone there who will help motivate you.
  • If you are training outdoors, make sure it’s in a safe area. Let people know where you are and try not to go out at the same time on the exact same days. Stay safe!

They are just a few to name right now but hopefully they will help you get started.

Have a great week!

Louise. X

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