Tuesday Chats: Easter

I mean Easter weekend has to be one of those weekends where you go back to work and you are anything but ready for it. Perhaps its the chocolate coma, maybe it was the start of the amazing weather in the UK or it’s just because who wants to get back into the work routine life after a extra couple of days off. Needless to say, I was not ready for that 5am alarm this morning and it was most certainly NOT WELCOMED!!
I made it through though, got up, got myself to the office for 7am and began my working day.

Something I have been thinking about for about a month now and never got round to sharing was weekly rants and catch ups. It’s something I feel like I could share easily (especially the rants!!) with you all because I do love a good natter. So what do you guys think? Once a week or maybe twice a month either a catch up on what I got up to or just whats been going on, what I’ve bought? Just an idea so let me know what you think, I do love when you get in touch.

So Bank Holiday weekend, lets go…..

Jeans/ TopshopJacket / GeorgeTshirt/ Topshop

Friday was a holiday day in the UK so the weekend was extra long for most. I started my Friday off with a long walk in the morning to get air in my lungs. I recently started driving to work and where I used to walk, I feel like I need to get out in the fresh air whenever I can. I miss it so much and it makes me feel 100 times better. The weather was glorious so there was no excuse for not going. Once I got back, I did my weekly chores and made sure the place was clean and all my washing was done. I mean, probably not the most interesting stuff but you know, it had to be done so I may as well tell you all about it. That evening I made plans to catch up with one of my friends, Esther. We try to pick a night each week where we can catch up and have the chats. Sometimes it’s dinner, a lot of times its drinks. On Friday we sat in a beer garden for a couple of hours just chatting away and filling each other in on our weeks. I love our date nights. It’s usually just the two of us but we always have a lovely time and it’s just bliss sitting there talking face to face and not texting one another.

Saturday morning started like Friday, I went for another walk to begin the day on a high. Not as far that day though because of a blister that appeared from Friday (blisters are the story of my life, honest)! When I got home myself and Arnie made some breakfast, then got ready for a day out in London with friends.

A group of us met up and headed into the city after 12 for a day of bar hopping. This is possibly one of my favouite things to do in London or anywhere, I love a day out. I much prefer it to a night out. A day where you are in comfy clothes and shoes, you can stop to eat or drink whenever you please and get to see some cool areas of London. We got the tube to Angel and we found some bars for the afternoon. I wouldn’t say this is the busiest drinking spot during the afternoon but as long as you have good company, that’s all that matters. We had such a laugh for the whole day.

After a day in the sun sipping gin and talking some (a lot) of rubbish we headed back home. This is one of my least favouite parts of the day out however… getting the train home. I am always afraid of falling asleep and ending up miles away from where I need to be. Thankfully, I got some food and was too busy stuffing my face to fall asleep!!

I wasn’t sure if I would be feeling a morning walk on Sunday after the day before but I dragged my ass out of the bed and went for a quick one. I am so glad I did. It was the most beautiful morning and I felt like I was the first one out to witness it. I normally go home for Easter weekend but because I am going this weekend I didn’t book it. I was a bit sorry I didn’t if i’m honest but thats my own fault, I was sorry because it’s one of those days you spend with family. A little like Christmas in a small way. Anyway, I didn’t dwell on not having my mother cook for me and planned to cook a roast dinner myself. That fell by the waste-side as the day got hotter and I was not staying indoors missing it. I salute all those mam’s and dad’s who stay in to make sure their kids get proper dinners when they would rather be out someplace!

Myself and Arnie met up some friends in the afternoon and we went out for a while to embrace the sunshine. We all live in apartments and honestly there is nothing worse than being stuck in one on a nice day. It feels like torture. I miss having a garden so much when the weather is nice.

Skirt/ River Island (Old) – Tshirt -Topshop

Although it was a bank holiday Sunday evening we decided not to go ‘out out’. We decided on staying in that night and not doing any more damage to our bank accounts (I need a lotto win, ASAP BTW)! I won’t lie, we gorged on sweet stuff for the night because I was indulging after my break from chocolate for Lent. After my first piece of chocolate I was worried it was making me feel sick…don’t worry though, I powered through and now it was like I was never off it. (Lol.. to the picture below… it’s how i still feel today!!)

Easter Monday, our last day off before returning to work. I stayed in bed and enjoyed not having to get up early. No walks, no cleaning… Just relaxed for the morning. As we were lucky to have the weather on our side, myself and Arnie jumped in the car and headed to Cambridge for the day. It’s not terribly far way away and it’s somewhere I adore going for an afternoon.

Look at the happy 6 chins on me….. Sheer joy lads, sheer joy!
Horse it in-to-ya, Cynthia!

I love the market place and the buzz from all the tourists. It’s not a huge city but just one I love to explore. We looked in the shops and grabbed something to eat. I had the slow cooked beef brisket burger and OH MY DAYS, I would go back right now for another one. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I got it from one of the stalls in the market and it was just so tasty. I much prefer food on the go like that and always think you can find absolute gem’s of places rather than going to sit in restaurants all the time. After we devoured our burgers we walked around the city before we found our way to the river. We sat in the grass just chilling out for a bit and chatting. Once we managed to get the energy, we made our way back through the city to get to the Park’n’Ride and collect the car.

Monday night, that usual Sunday fear kicked in (just on a Monday) so when we got back we put on our comfy clothes, had some small picky bits to eat and downloaded the series ‘The Bay’ that’s on ITV to watch. Nothing wild to report from the whole weekend but it was the perfect. Any weekend that involves hanging out with fun people and eating is an absolute winner winner for me if you hadn’t guessed. I always like to surround myslef with good people and great food! lol

This weekend was quite a detailed day to day but not every week will be like that because i’m not that exciting… True Story! Let me know if this is something you like seeing, a round up of where I went and what I wore.

Hope you have a great week!

Louise. X

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