Occasion Dressing

I recently put up some poll’s on my Instagram seeing what you guys were interested in.  I’m working on a lot of posts that I think you will enjoy.  That’s what it’s all about, what you would like to see. Occasion season, mainly weddings, is always a big one.  I struggle myself sometimes. I have an outfit I want in my head but can’t always find it so I love seeing blog posts like these pop up.  It’s always so handy.

This type of “season” if you will, comes as quick as ever each year. Weddings, communions, confirmations…. you name it and sure as hell you need (not really need but want) a new outfit for it.  I know for me with a couple of weddings a year now, it can be difficult to decide what you should wear.  I have found some bits online which I really like and it might help you if you’re on the search like me.  My aim is to find pieces that can be worn more than once.  I want to buy things I can hang in my wardrobe and know that I’m covered when something comes up and I perhaps can’t afford a new dress or can’t find something I love.  It’s important when you buy, to buy something you really like.  So enough chit chat…. Here’s some pieces I’ve found and love.  

Pink Gingham Suit – Jacket & Trousers

I really hope you found some pieces that will make your shopping easier for any occasion you have coming up!

If you want help with any shopping/ styling tips, just get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or email louiseslibraryblog@gmail.com

Louise. X

I have used some affiliate links in this post. You won’t get charged any extra from the retailer but if you do make a purchase from my link I get a small percentage. Thank you! x

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