Another week just flown on by…. HOW is today the end of April already? Honest to god, I cannot keep up with how fast time is going. I swear it feels like only a few days ago it was January. Anyway… here we are, end of April. Since the bank holiday was on Monday, I had a super short week at work. I flew home on Friday for the weekend and let me tell you was I beyond excited to be going home.

I hadn’t been since Christmas and for me that is a long time. I love going home and seeing my family so when things get in the way and I can’t get home it does bother me. So Friday morning I made my way to the airport for my flight, ever the keen bean I was there in plenty of time and was able to get myself a little breakfast (I went with sushi) , go grab an iced coffee for the flight, drown myself in perfume at duty-free, and have a nosy in the shops. Ya’know the usual airport activities.

I actually really enjoy flying. It’s been a while since I did a long haul so I should really say I don’t mind the flight to Ireland from England. lol! It’s one hour of just being able to sit and read your book, listen to a podcast or sleep as I normally tend to do and I just really love the fact that nobody can say you should be doing X,Y,Z with that time because you are in the air, you can’t do that much. It’s time to yourself, and I love that. The one part however, I don’t enjoy is when you land. *RANT ALERT* Why is it when you land you have people literally jump straight out of their seats as if someone has put a fire in their ass? They stand in the aisle waiting for the doors to open so they can rush out? I just cannot understand it. The worst is when the doors do eventually open and nobody wants to let others in front of them out first. It’s probably something that only annoys me, but my god I cannot stand it. I will never understand how we haven’t adopted the method you would use in mass at communion time. You know where you go row by row in an orderly fashion so not everyone is bouncing out of the seats all at once? Why do you think this extra 2/3 mins you have to sit on the plane will make a difference to your day? Why are you in such a rush? If you are that desperate to exit the plane first book your seat and sit at the top of the plane. Why must someone sitting in the likes of row 22 feel the need to barge past someone in row 14 to get off. I just do not get it, I will never get it. It makes the whole process slower I think. Just chill out and go row by row, whats the hurry? Anyway, thats my rant over!! haha

After I came through arrivals I received possibly the best news I have ever got. My sister had just given birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy! I mean, it’s made my whole year. I am not one to gush over kids and stuff but I don’t think I could be more in love if I tried! He is perfect in every way shape and form, I just love him. I won’t be sharing any photos with you because I don’t think it’s fair to start his digital footprint in this world. It’s something that will be on the internet forever and he can’t give his consent to say he is okay with it so it’s not fair.

Friday afternoon I went home and dropped my case off and had a celebration drink with dad before getting my hair done by Laura’s Hair. I’m pretty loyal to getting my hair done at home, Laura is my sister and has been doing my hair for years. I don’t colour my hair so when I find someone who cuts my hair the way I like, I stick with it, sister or not!! Also, Laura uses two brands that I really love. She uses Kevin Murphy and Eleven Australia in the salon and I always find my hair is in great condition and has a fab shine when I use the products.

Friday night was a chilled night at home watching TV and catching up with the fam. I think that is one of my most favouite things to do. I could hang out with my family every night if we lived in the same country!

Saturday, I was just so eager to see my sister and the newest arrival. So once I knew I could go visit them, I did. It was the moment I fell in love forever. I am beyond excited to get home again to see him. After we left the hospital and picked up a few bits for Ashing for when she got home and I went home for another evening of chilling out and eating the best dinners you could ask for. Mam’s cooking is just something you will never beat in my eyes.

WHAT I BOUGHT: When I’m at home I seem to just seem to think I need to do a bit of shopping. Usually I hit up Dunnes Stores for some new clothes that not everyone in the UK will have. Then a comparison shop in Penneys to see what they have that Primark don’t! This time I just picked up a black top I need for an outfit next week in Dorothy Perkins. I’ll share all that next week with you. Other than that I just got essentials that I needed and wasn’t able to get before I left England. I was pretty proud of myself this time actually! I’m normally sitting on my check in luggage when i have to fly back to fit everything in. lol!

WHAT I AM READING: I love a good book and I switch between Self Help types, Motivational, fiction and thrillers. I like a mix of things. This week I am reading ‘Thirteen: The serial killer isn’t on trial. He’s on the jury’ by Steve Cavanagh. I’m finding it a little tough to get in to at the moment but I have put it down for a couple of days and will try again. Sometimes that happens where you just need to try a second time. Have you read this one? Let me know what you thought if you did.

WHAT I LISTENED TO: I caught up on Doireann Garrihy’s podcasts and spent so much time laughing my ass off. Download and listen to all the episodes if you can, it’s brilliant. It will just keep a smile on your face for ages, so so good! It’s called ‘The Laughs Of Your Life’.

I flew back to the UK on Sunday morning as Arnie had a football final I had promised I would be back for. So once I landed I made my way to see him play. Thankfully he had a very successful day and they won. After that I knew I wouldn’t be seeing much of him and he was going out to celebrate. I went to the pub with him as his designated driver for a bit but when I left at 9pm to go home he wasn’t coming home!! Needless to say I left him to enjoy the night with the team.

WHAT I BROUGHT BACK: Anyone who knows me will know, I do not return from Ireland without filling my suitcase with whatever food I can!! So this time we have Chip Sticks, Snax & Rancheros in the crisp department. I brought Kelly’s white Pudding because, its a good’n and my amazing mother got up on Sunday morning to make me some brown bread to take too. Don’t ever underestimate how good our food is in Ireland, ever!

WHAT’S NEXT: So this week I feel like I am under pressure a little between work, the blog, football and another adventure. I will be away again at the weekend for a few days with some friends, so I should have another fun filled Tuesday Talks next week!

I really hoped you enjoyed today’s post and my little flying rant. As always, I hope you have the best week you possibly can and say a little prayer for me that I get all my chores done before going again! LOL!!

Louise. X

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