I keep saying this but how quickly is time going? It feels like I cannot keep up sometimes. I make plans to do things with people and then think shit, how quickly has that come round? We are now in May and before we know it, it will be the height of summer again!! The last two weeks especially, have flown on by and for once I can actually say I was busy (well for some of it)! Usually, I’m not up to a whole lot and always wonder what people are at when they say they are so busy. Do you ever wonder that, or is that just me?

In my last Tuesday Talks post I was getting ready for another trip to Ireland. I wasn’t just going home though, I also had a friends wedding first. However, before any of that could happen, we had our first league game for football on the Wednesday night. Not ideal as I seem to be jinxed when I play football before I have to fly some place and always manage to pick up a little injury and a plethora of bruises. That night was no different but it was only a few swollen fingers so nothing to stop me from flying! ALWAYS A SUCCESS! Unfortunately the game didn’t go our way… but next time, next time!

Thursday morning arrived so I was up at the first beam of light to get myself packed and the apartment cleaned before off. Normally I am a little more organised and would do this the day before but because of the game I didn’t have enough time so 6am start it was for me. The day flew by, which could have been down to the help of gin and ginger-ale (my new go to non- beer drink). We had some drinks and amazing food in The Grouse on Thursday evening and honestly it was just what I needed. I always forget to take foodie pictures because I get so excited to eat, but I did manage to remember one.. I mean how could you not take a picture of that beauty below. Deep fried Brie…. Ohhh my mouth waters thinking of it. If you are ever there, get it, love it, DON’T SHARE IT!

Friday morning. The big day!!! We were up early to get in to the town for hair and make-up appointments. I was just getting my hair done and I absolutely loved how it turned out. I went for a dutch braid. It’s something I’ve had it done before and knew that it would work perfect with my suit. I am also a massive fan of having my hair out of the way when you are dancing the night away. Anyone with long thick hair will understand the struggle when your hair is sown and the heat on the back of your neck. lol! My suit is Zara (I’ve linked it below) and to say I love it would be a massive understatement. It was ridiculously comfortable for the day and I just felt like me in it. Who doesn’t love a good power suit, eh?

I have recently posted about occasion wear if you want to check out that post here.

My Hair is by – The Salon At Libarty

The wedding was amazing and once again biggest Congrats to Marnie and Andy. I hope they have the best life together. They deserve because they are two of the nicest, most genuine people you will meet. I think everyone knows them would agree. The wedding was a blast. From start to finish, everyone had smiles plastered on their faces. The weather was perfect, the location was fabulous, the food was sublime and the craic was 90! I could hands down say, I wish Marnie and Andy would throw a party like it more often. My body may not always say thats best but it was just so much fun. My feet were swollen by the end of the night and resembled Fiona’s feet from Shrek because of all the dancing.

Saturday once we had eaten and cleared the heads, we made our way to Carlingford for the afters of the wedding. There was a BBQ organised at Taffes in the afternoon for us and that was the start of another epic day. We were out in the sun drinking, chatting and some singing for hours. Once the sun went in so did we. We set up camp inside in the bar and waited there until they kicked us out. It was just as good as the wedding in different ways.

Sunday came quick and a not so bright eyed Louise had to make her way home to Mayo. The wedding fun was over!! I was getting a lift with a friend to Sligo where my dad was going to collect me. I was never so happy to see my own home home bed that night. I felt bad I couldn’t go out with my parents and sister for a bank holiday meal but takeaway and lying on the chair seemed more appealing to my tired self. To be fair the next couple of days at home were spent relaxing and seeing some more family.

I made my way back to England on Wednesday a little recovered from the hustle and bustle but still not perfect! I went back to work Thursday morning and it was a shock to the system to say the least. I was reading emails for the day and when I got home I just wanted to collapse on the couch for the night. Friday afternoon to try get some air in the lungs I went for a walk but I’m not joking my hayfever got so bad when I was about 20 mins in, I had to turn back and come home. Do any of you suffer from it? What do you find helps best? I obviously take antihistamines but sometimes I feel like they just don’t cut it. So i’d love all your ideas on whats best!

I fully intended on watching films and doing nothing for the weekend however, I found myself having a wine night with my friend Esther on Saturday. It was so much fun and can you really ever beat a massive catch up with your friend over wine and crisps? Yeah, I didn’t think so!

Blazer / Jeans / Similar Shoes / Bag – Vintage

WHAT I DRANK: So being that we flew in to the north of Ireland, it seemed only right to drink local. Jawbox Gin it was. Have you guys ever had it? I have tried it before with Honeycomb and OH MY DAYS…. What a drink. This time I had it with trusty ginger-ale and its still good. Definitely if you see it, its worth having.

WHAT I LISTENED TO: This week on my flights I caught up on the Loose Lips podcast. I’ve been listening to this since it started and love it each week. It’s funny and a very easy listen I find. Its hosted by Luisa Zissman and Anna Williamson. It can be really opinionated and the rants always keep me interested. They discuss everything from whats in the news, to relationships and careers. It has it all to be honest.

WHAT I BOUGHT (BORROWED): I didn’t go shopping as such but I did happen to find a beautiful leather jacket in my mam’s wardrobe that I have borrowed for a while. It’s black cropped and an over-sized fit. I mean its beauts and I love it.

Leather Jacket – My mam’s! / Jeans / Similar Jumper / Converse / Belt

WHAT LIPSTICK: I get asked this question so much especially when I wear Red. I am a die hard Chanel lipstick lover. Of course I wear other brands all the time but my favouite red that I own is 100% My Chanel. There lipsticks are creamy and feel rich. Yes a little pricey but they are long lasting. I wear ‘Rouge Allure – Colour 104 passion‘.

WHAT’S NEXT: I just opened up my calendar to see what is next for me and I have another night away next week to plan for. I’m going for a staycation night with Esther but stay tuned and I will fill you in on that trip very soon!

WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: So with the start of the month getting of to a busy start and a few other things in between I am looking forward to the good weather stating (fingers crossed) and a summer full of activities!

Sorry about the long winded post. I hope you enjoyed it and got a little insight into a weekend away with me and friends. I’ll be back next week with probably a lot shorter of a post!! Have a great week. ❤

Louise. X

I have used some affiliate links in this post. You won’t get charged any extra from the retailer but if you do make a purchase from my link I get a small percentage. Thank you! x

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