A few weeks ago, my mood was down and I was in a funk. I couldn’t shake this shitty feeling every time I was in the apartment and I would rather have moved and started fresh than looking for motivation to clean and that’s no joke. A little dramatic i know, but that’s just who I am. I was in a mood all the time when I was there. I knew this had to change because 1. This is my home in England and 2. I cannot afford to move with all my stuff let alone moving and starting fresh! lol. So I decided to pull myself together and set aside a full day to cleaning and sorting the place out. When I say ‘the place’ I do mainly mean my wardrobe. It was just in a mess where I was throwing stuff in with no care. The order was gone and that gives me such a horrible feeling every time I go to get dressed. It takes the fun out of picking and styling an outfit. When it’s messy, I tend to wear the same sort of thing because it’s easier than looking in the chaos. To be honest whether it was a mess or not I always do a wardrobe switch for autumn/winter and then spring/summer anyway but this time I really needed to do it. It’s something I think everyone should do because it gives you a chance to see what you have worn and what you haven’t, or even just to see what you have in there. Most of us are guilty of owning clothes and forgetting about them these days so sometimes you just need to remind yourself what you actually have.

So today I’m just going to share some tips’tricks on how I clear/sort my wardrobe out. It’s by no means groundbreaking stuff, but it might just give you a little nudge to get it done and how to do it most efficiently.

Before I even pulled out one thing in the wardrobe, I decided I wanted all my hangers to be matching. I was sick of mix and match and I wanted a uniform look. I decided on black & grey velvet ones. Mainly because they take up minimal space. Previously a lot of my hangers were wooden and they are a lot bulkier. I will still use them for heavier coats that need them but I like the velvet ones. You can get them at a reasonable price on Amazon and in most home-ware stores. I also bought myself a runner-rail. You don’t need one of these by any means whatsoever but I wanted one for when I’m packing, sorting my clothes out and to be honest to hang some of my washing on for drying. I live in an apartment and finding space to dry some of my clothes can be hard. It’s working out a dream for this let me tell you!

I then made sure I had some bags for my sorting piles and I got some vacuum bags for my heavy winter coats I wouldn’t be needing for a few months. Just like the runner – rail idea, I felt being able to compress my coats down would create some space for hanging my summer clothes.

Once I got my hangers and rail, I decided on a day where I knew I had plenty of time. It’s SO important to allow yourself enough time for this task. You don’t want it dragging out over a few days. When I was doing mine, I had a free Saturday where I made sure I had no plans and I had food in the flat so I wouldn’t have to stop and go eat.

Whenever I take on this task I either put on a movie I have already seen for background noise or have a playlist of music I love to keep me motivated. Once I’ve got that going I take everything and I mean everything out of the wardrobe and dump it all on the bed. It looks like the biggest bombsite but it’s the only way you will look through everything so just embrace the mess and get everything out of the wardrobe.
Once everything is out, give the wardrobe a little clean out with a cloth. This just makes it a little fresh for putting clothes back in.

When i am doing my switch-over I usually have shorts and a t-shirt on, something easy to whip on and off. Why? Because you need to try on some of the clothes before you can make a decision. You might have a pair of jeans you have been holding on to but actually they don’t even fit you anymore… GET RID! Be brutal with yourself when you are sorting your stuff, don’t keep items for the sake of it.
When i’m sorting, I like to create different piles:
– Keep
– Charity or Give to friends
– Really old/worn and needs to go
– Will keep but needs to be washed and ironed because it’s looking a bit blah
Like I said, this is not groundbreaking stuff but it helps me. You create the piles that work for you.
On the point for washing clothes I have decided to keep. The reason for this is, it could be a jumper that’s been away for a few months and its a bit lifeless looking and dull. A quick wash and iron can make it feel brand spanking new again, trust me. (Remember to follow wash care instructions because this helps to keep the garment lasting longer. We are all aware of our carbon footprint these days so take care of your items and get those #30Wears).

So once you can start to see your bed again (hallelujah) and you know roughly whats going, staying and needs to be washed, it’s time to get cracking on putting order to your wardrobe. This is where my runner rail comes in handy for me. I start by hanging up anything I have decided has been upgraded from the drawers and I will take it section by section (trousers, then tshirts/tops, then jumprs etc.) By hanging it on my runner rail first I have a second look through and make sure I can see a future for me and what I’ve picked – LOL, but you know what I mean. Once it’s a yes, I make sure I have all matching hangers, it’s as colour coordinated as any one section can be and I transfer back to the wardrobe, ensuring its all hanging facing the same way. This sounds clinical and very regimented I know, but this really works for me. When I have colour coordination and garment sectioning I instantly know where to look for stuff when I am getting dressed.
I think anyone who struggles picking clothes out to wear should try something like this because it really can make getting dressed a lot less hassle.
So yeah I just crack on creating sections and order. This part doesn’t take long at all. It literally just a little bit of housekeeping, if you will on your wardrobe. The way I lay out my wardrobe is:
– Scarves on one big hanger
– Skirts/Shorts
– Dresses
– Trousers
– T-shirts & Tops
– Light Knitwear and Sweatshirts
– Light summer jackets
– Blazers (& Suits)
– Macs/ Trench/ Coats
– Fancier Dresses for occasions that I don’t need that often
– Faux Furs (this is right in the back so you don’t really see them)
Folded on the shelf above:
– Jeans
– Tracksuits and hoodies
In Drawers:
– T-shirts
– Sports Gear
This is what works best for me for the summer, I change the layout slightly in winter so my knitwear and coats get enough room.

Note: I vacuum pack all my heavy knitwear and winter coats in the spring/summer time (except the faux furs) and put them at the back on my wardrobe for the summer. I don’t need them out in the summer. I find it easier to pack them away, out of sight, out of mind so they feel new when I take them out in the autumn again!!

Some Inspo for wardrobe layouts from Pinterest:

And if just like magic, you have it done. You now deserve to sit back and take a look at your beautifully clean wardrobe! It may not stay as clean as right now for the whole season but look that’s life. Just try keep to the sections as much as possible and then you will never stray too far wrong. A lot easier said than done I know, but since I switched mine I haven’t done too badly in keeping order. Sometimes it looks a bit messy but I try to make sure when I am putting my washing away I bring it back to order.

So there we have it, just a few tip’tricks to help you get started on your wardrobe switcharoo! If you want any advice or help, please don’t be afraid to get in touch and I will always help where I can. That’s what I am here for. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and I will be back Tuesday again for some chats.

Louise. X

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