Since last week I haven’t been away living the better life I think I deserve, it’s been a normal work, train, sleep, repeat week for me. I won’t lie I always feel in a bit of a rut when I come back from having a good time away. Nearly like a come down of sorts. I tend to find myself being a bit lazy. I don’t know if that ever happens anyone else? I know it happens to me and sometimes I can be great for snapping out of it but other times I’m crap. When that happens though, I’ve learnt to accept it’s okay. We don’t have to be constantly on the go 24/7, sometimes we need a little chill.

So what did I actually do in my week of being a little lazy……

What I’ve Been Watching & Reading:
I’m still on Line of Duty. We are in to Season 5 now though so the end is near (sad face). I’m still as gripped as I was in the beginning. I don’t want it to end. This is what happens to me, I become obsessed with something and just never want it to stop! Have any of you guys watched it? Let me know if you love it as much as me.

I have also been catching up on some You Tube videos. Since I don’t get the train to work anymore, I don’t have that free time to just sit and watch stuff every day. I do try to keep up to date with those who I really enjoy following. I like watching videos from Retro Flame, Megan Ellaby and Emma Hill probably the most. They all offer a different variety of content for sure. I mean their target audiences are different but depending on my mood they would be the main channels I like to keep up on. I also enjoy reading their content. I am a blog reader all the way. I love seeing an insight into another persons thoughts on a subject. I find it fascinating. Two other blogs I always, always read are The Little Plum, by Chloe Plumstead and Fashion Slave, by Sophie Milner. Both of these ladies have the best way with words and I find their topics something I always want to read about.

As much as I love following people on Instagram and other social media platforms who have built a great following. I admire all the ladies I have mentioned because they have more substance to their content in my opinion. Yes they can work with a brand and shoot a good photo, but they always have something interesting to say. I would really recommend checking out some of their stuff, hopefully you will like it as much as me!

What I’m obsessed with:
Two things I can not get enough of the past couple of weeks and they are:
– Iced Coffees
– Battered Halloumi

I mean probably not the healthiest of things to be obsessed up, especially the cheese but hear me out. BATTERED HALLOUMI IS UNREAL! I mean who ever first thought of this is. a. genius. Simple as. It’s something part of me wishes I never discovered because now I struggle to pass the chip shop without buying some and really if that keeps happening soon I will struggle to fit in to my clothes. It’s not an ideal situation to have, lol!!

As for the iced coffee, it’s a staple piece to my diet now. Most mornings I make myself one in a reusable cup I have to take with me to work. I load it up with ice so it’s still nice a chilled by the time I arrive at work. I do want to buy myself a Montii smoothie cup though. It’s time I had a cup upgrade!! I seen them a while back in a shop in Westport and it’s been on my mind since. I do have the Montii drinking flask that I use every day. It keeps water cold for up to 24 hours.

Another thing I have found my love for again is Pinterest. I find myself on there in the evenings looking up recipes. getting inspiration for outfits and just having a nosy about. I love it. It has certainly made me fall in love with vintage style again and it’s made me re-think the way i want to style outfits. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a little extra help with outfits.

What I’ve been eyeing up:

Well it’s nothing new that I have some outfits I want to buy. I mean I must have wish lists that stretch into the thousands at this stage but here are the 3 main things I want for the summer.

1 – Dr Marten Clarissa Sandals

2 – Linen Rich Suit

3 – Air Force 1’s

What’s Next:
This week is full steam ahead for training. Championship is in full swing so training is taking priority naturally. I have a wedding coming up shortly in Ireland so I will be outfit planning for that.

I hope you all have a great week whatever you get up to. Hopefully it will be a productive one for us all!!

Louise. X

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