This year I bought myself a pink suit and I don’t think I have looked back. I love it. I feel amazing every time I put it on and it has only made me want to invest more in them. I originally got my suit for a wedding back in May. I couldn’t find any dresses I loved and I wanted something I would wear more than once. I am sick of having clothes in my wardrobe and not wearing them enough. I found this and absolutely fell in love. My only regret was that I didn’t buy it in the other available colour at the time. It just fits me perfectly and i’m not lying when I say I feel a million bucks in it. Whether you agree or not I don’t care, that’s how I feel when I see myself in it! haha

So far, I have worm the suit to two weddings and the trousers with my Burberry blouse for a dinner I had one night. I have already planned how I will wear both pieces separate again. I will make sure to take pictures so I can share a post on how I’ve styled it for different occasions etc. That’s the thing with suits. You can mix and match until your hearts content. I know we are all guilty of not wanting to be seen in the same thing more than once but who cares? If you love something why in the name of god would you only wear it once? It’s madness!!

I picked up mine in Zara and it seems to be sold out now however, I have picked out some other suits I think are just as fab and I have DEFINITELY got my eye on a couple for when I can afford to go shopping again!

So here are some of my fav’s…. Hope you find something too!


I really hope you found that helpful and you enjoy suits as much as me!
If you want help with any shopping/ styling tips, just get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or email:

Louise. X

I have used some affiliate links in this post. You won’t get charged any extra from the retailer but if you do make a purchase from my link I get a small percentage. x

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