TUESDAY CHATS: It’s been a minute!

It’s been a couple of weeks (give of take a month!) since I chatted about what I’ve been up to. Not that I am ignoring you all, but I haven’t been doing much and honestly my life content wasn’t worth writing about. So I have gathered up a few weeks of what I’ve been doing and here I am, back to share:


I am not even lying when I say I haven’t been up to much. Nothing new at all, I’ve been back in Ireland (again) and played some more football. I swear sometimes I think I am living groundhog day but sure look, i’m happy enough!! I haven’t been ‘out out’ in a good few weeks, just because I haven’t been that bothered. It’s either nights out or treat myself to something new and well anyone who knows me will know, new clothes usually come first!

I was home at the end of June for a family wedding and really did have the best time. The only thing I hate is I always have to fly back the day after the wedding and it can be so tiring. I can’t moan too much though because i am luckier than most that I get to go home so often. The wedding itself was a great day and my feet were as swollen as you get the following day from all the dancing. I wore my pink suit again since I loved it so much for the previous wedding. You can get so caught up in buying new things because someone has seen you in an outfit before that you just create so much waste in the long run. Even after wearing this to a second wedding, I know that wont be the end of it. I still love it as much as before.

As well as the wedding I also had a day out with the girls lately. One of my friends from football who has moved home was actually over lately for a weekend so a few of us decided to go for a bottomless brunch in London. If you have never been to one I highly recommend it. If you don’t know what it is, you are missing out. It’s usually some food and 2 hours of unlimited prosecco. It’s amazing and often a really inexpensive way to go for lunch and drinks. Be warned though, its dangerous…. Your glass is being continuously filled and it’s hard to keep track of what you have drank. So much fun however, so I highly suggest looking in to it.

We decided on ‘The Little Blue Door’ in Fulham and it was delicious. I couldn’t fault the food, the drinks or the staff. Everyone was so friendly and when our food took a little longer than expected to arrive (not that we really noticed the wait due to the drinks flowing) they arrived with a round of shots or the table, to say sorry! What more could you ask for, eh?

We had planned to carry on the London bar hop for the afternoon/evening but I had to cut the day short. I happened to get two insect bites the Thursday before at a football game and unfortunately for me, my leg started swelling and the bites got worse as the day went on in London. It was time for me to head home and make a quick a&e visit. Thankfully, I wasn’t kept waiting super long and once my blood results came back and I was prescribed antibiotics, I was home again.

I’m no stranger to these bites and having a crap reaction to them. I don’t know why, but I always seem to get infected. It’s beyond annoying and honestly puts me in a horrible mood. When it happens I just want to sleep loads and not really do much. I can’t really do much any way because the swelling won’t allow me to! ANYWAYYYYYY, I have finished up my antibiotics now and fingers crossed it won’t happen again. My leg still isn’t 100% but its getting there and slowly my mood is brightening. If this happens to you too and you have any tips, please please please pass them on! I would greatly appreciate it. – I do have pictures of the bites but, they are not something you want to show! lol.




Big Little Lies… I have been meaning to talk to you about this for so long. Do you watch it? I am OBSESSED! I can’t put my finger on why. When I describe the show to Arnie I always say “it’s quite a slow series, but just something you watch and can’t stop” The final episode of series two aired on Sunday Night in the USA. I have it recorded and plan to watch it tonight. I don’t want it to end but i’m eager to see how the story unfolds. It’s a must watch for me for the story line and the cast! ADD IT TO YOUR LIST!

I have also just started watching ‘The Wire’ with Arnie. We (he) bought the box set lately and we started it at the weekend. I’m not loving it like I thought I would, but I have a feeling I won’t want to stop watching it anytime soon so it’s a mixed bag right now. I think I expected more action right away and it was a really slow to start. I’m giving it a chance though, the drama is picking up!haha


Oh that ever growing wish list of mine….. Here are the latest bits that are sitting there just waiting to be bought!


This weekend I actually fly home again for my nephew’s christening. I am so excited to see him. I hate that I can’t see him or hold him whenever I want. It’s hard missing out on stuff like that so I am really looking forward to being with my family again. You really can’t beat it in my opinion. Other than that I am just going to try avoid any more insect bites/ infections, because it hasn’t been a barrel of laughs trying to recover from that or being around me to be fair. The mood was low for a while! I hate being sick and not having the energy to do much so I am just working on getting back to my normal self!

Louise. X

I have used some affiliate links in this post. You won’t get charged any extra from the retailer but if you do make a purchase from my link I get a small percentage. Thank you! x

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