TUESDAY CHATS: I need a Ryanair loyalty card!

Back from Ireland, again! Just another flying visit for my nephew, Jamie’s christening. It’s never long enough but at least I get to go often. I do mean it when I say I should have some sort of Ryanair loyalty card though, how have they not set this up for us frequent flyers. Flying miles need to be a thing for them, right? Anyway, there not, sooo…. c’est la vie!

My week has been better than last I can admit. I took another week off football to let my leg heal from the bites and I can report, I shall be resuming my training schedule again. THANK GOD! My mood has brightened, which is the biggest bonus. A little bit of rest, a lot of mam and dad love and sure enough, I feel like me again. It’s absolutely crazy how quick your whole mood can just go down from something that seems so small. I can’t fully describe how low in myself I felt after the bites and it sounds stupid when you say it out loud, but I hate that my body was telling me rest up, get better but my mind was saying get up, go for a walk, start cleaning the apartment, stay busy, etc. Its just so frustrating.

When I flew home on Friday I did see my local GP and feel like I was finally taken seriously about what happens when I get a bite. I have a little rescue kit in case of it happening again where it could help prevent the infection spreading. It could still happen but at least I have something to help going forward. It was the first time speaking to a doctor that I felt they cared and didn’t just say “here is your antibiotics, stay away from insects, see ya”!

Saturday was the christening and it was so lovely. It’s always good when you can have some sort of party with your family. We all had dinner together after the christening and stayed out for some drinks. These weekends home just go quicker and quicker!!


So love island finished last night. I don’t think I spoke about it on here previously but I was an avid watcher. Who doesn’t love a bit of trashy TV in the evenings? I was absolutely delighted with Greg and Amber winning to be honest, so a good ending. I know it’s not for everyone and that’s cool.

Over the past couple of months watching it, I read so many articles slamming it and shaming those on it and I just think why? Personally, even if I was single I wouldn’t apply to be on it because it’s not for me, but who am I to judge those who do want to go on it. It makes no difference to my life. I am well aware that scenes are produced for TV and that it’s not real life in every instance, but I take it for what it is, easy watching TV.

Did you guys get in to it? Do you think its TV Trash at its best? Did you see next year they will be doing two series? Thoughts??? Me personally, I think two series could kill it. It’s something we all look forward to in the summer but now it will be like it’s always on. I think the novelty of it could easily wear off. I could be very wrong. Also, how many more reality TV personalities will be all over Instagram? What will they all sell? lol!! Anyway, now it’s over I can go back to my early nights and not feel like i’m going to miss something!!


Apologies, no podcast updates this week. I flew home on Friday rather than going for my 7 mile walk to catch up on them! Music wise though, I have three new favourites that I have on repeat when I change up from the radio in the car:

Sorry – Joel Corry
Higher Love – Whitney Houston & Kygo
3 Nights – Dominic Fike


Since posting about basic last week (here if you want to read), I have realised I need to update my basics badly. You know when your whites just aren’t as crisp looking anymore and you feel like they need a refresh. So I am going to go through all my tshirts/ tops one of the evening and sort out what has seen better days. What I have picked out below are bits I know I can wear again and again.


So as a Gaelic Football fan I will obviously be setting aside time at the weekend to watch Mayo play. The game is on Saturday and hopefully me and some of my friends will head into London to set up camp in an Irish bar to watch it. It’s nice sometimes to get into a pub that will be filled with supporters like yourself and just embrace the craziness that comes along with being a Mayo fan! haha!!
Other than that, I have no big plans. It’s not a bank holiday in the UK like it is in Ireland so I’m afraid I won’t be having a lie in on Monday, I have to wait a couple of weeks for our bank holiday.
Hope you all have a fabulous week and the sun comes out again, because as I sign this off, it’s raining!

Louise. X

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Thank you for all of you who make a purchase with my link, i really appreciate it! x

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