TUESDAY CHATS: 2019 My Look Back & The 2020 Vision.

I can’t say I had the worst 2019 but I didn’t always feel like it was the best year either. Like most people, some weeks I wanted the world to stop so I could catch my breath, other weeks I was living my best life.
That’s life I suppose and you just gotta ride the wave as they say. From looking back through photos though I don’t think I fully appreciated all the good times I had this year. I had weeks of feeling really crap and thought I had achieved nothing until I went back through my camera roll and my Instagram, suddenly I felt very rich in everything I got to experience this year. I may still not be on any property ladder and i’m sure if someone was to sit down and go through my bank statements they would question where my wages went every month, but you know what, screw it! I had a great time, have had the best memories and actually given myself some new outfit inspo for the year ahead. Winner!

Lets take a look back shall we…..

I started the New Year at home with family and friends, we had a party to ring in the New Year. I got to celebrate my birthday with my parents in England and have a night away. I started back to football again which made me so happy after some time off. I also made the decision to get my car this month. I should have known it was going to be a good year!

Although a little quieter in the sense I wasn’t jet setting anywhere, my mam came back over and I collected the car i bought! I got to go to see ‘The Streets’ in Brixton which was amazing. Started back on my weekly catch up’s with Esther in the local bars. This is something we do just to make sure we see each other. We will meet up after work and go for one maybe two drinks once a week. Sometimes we just go for dinner, all depemds on what kind of week we are having and if we’ve been paid! lol!!

I went on the best ‘Stad’ do ever!! I got the chance to go to Madrid for my friend Marnie’s hen party and honestly think I had one of the best weekends of my life. Definitely another highlight of the year.

I celebrated friends birthdays in London, went on day trips with Arnie in search of new delicious burgers, started walking more in my free time, played more football, continued my weekly general meetings with Esther in local pubs and the best thing all year, I became an auntie (apologies for no pics of my nephew, the Ryanair airplane and my elevator selfie will have to suffice)!

The football season was kicking off and we got our new gear to show off. I really enjoyed being back playing this year and just looking through all the photos has me excited again for this year.
I got to see two wonderful people marry and had another amazing weekend away with the girls for it. There was lots of prosecco drank and laughs had, that’s for sure!
I also got to go away to the fanciest place of my life, ‘Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons’ with Esther for a night. It was an award she won at work and took me as her guest. It was just something I would never get to do myself (a lot out of my budget) and I am so grateful I got to go.

Another trip to the Emerald Isle! A couple in-fact. I had my parents wedding anniversary party in early June and a family wedding later in the month. It was all go, go, go!! I can’t complain though, I was living the life really.
(Yes, I wore the same suit for the wedding in May and June. I just changed my top and shoes and my hair ever so slightly… like before, cost per wear and all that!)

Started out a little rough if i’m honest. I got another insect bite that got infected (I won’t show you photos of that, don’y worry)! However, I still managed to fit in a bottomless brunch with the girls one weekend (unfortunately I was very sick from said bite and left early). In the mirror selfie where i’m wearing trainers, you can’t notice it but one of my legs is swollen and is radiating heat like you wouldn’t believe. Why I thought I was fit for a day walking round London drinking, I will never know!! Andddddddd you guessed it. I was home again for another flying weekend. It was my nephews christening so I couldn’t miss it!
Also note I wore the dress to both the brunch and the christening because you know, cost per wear and all that!!

I was lucky to have my mam visit in the summer however, the day she left I had a nightmare when the water tank in the apartment fell off the wall and flooded the place! It’s laughable now but at the time, trying to get someone to actually just get.it.fixed. I was like a bull! Anyway, no one was hurt and I have water again!!
I also got a took a trip into London Citayyyyy to watch some GAA in the pub with friends. It was a laugh and I try to do this every year for at least one game. Normally I watch them at home in the apartment but you can’t beat being around other supporters shouting at the TV together when you can’t actually be at the game.

This month I got to celebrate Esther’s birthday with a girls night out. There was cocktails (mockatils for me as I was driving) and we had such a laugh. I love sitting in a pub just having fun with friends, you really can’t beat it.

Hi Ho – Hi Ho, It’s off to Scotland we go! It was my first time in Scotland and I really enjoyed it. Myself and Arnie took on this big adventure for his birthday. We went to Edinburgh for two nights and Glasgow for two, too. I have a cousin who lives in Glasgow so we got to meet him and his girlfriend and go out with them. My aunt and uncle happened to be over the same weekend so I got to see them too! After that trip, October was pretty chill for me. Some outfit photos here and there, did a big wardrobe clear out, nothing major to report on.

I feel like I had a really, really good November to be honest. Not that I did anymore than another month but I was at this bottomless brunch in London one weekend with loads of friends and it was just amazing. I had the best laugh. We also celebrated 10 years as a club with my football team. We played the previous players vs the current team one Saturday morning and we had our Dinner Dance afterwards. It was such a good day/night. I was also lucky enough to win an award this year. I won mangers player and I’m still happy about it and even happier my mam and dad were over for it too!! All in all, a good month.

My favouite month every year to be honest, mainly because it involves Christmas. Some may hate it, but me, I love it so much. I love that feeling you get around Christmas, the buzz, the excitement and obviously I get nearly two weeks at home so yeah, I love it.
This year I had two weddings over the two weeks, I had a flight diversion on arrival and I ate copious amounts of food. Not dissimilar to other years really!

I know at the start of this I said i had a good year but i am actually blown away after putting all the images in having the full recap sit together. I have been more than lucky this year for good friends, great family and health on my side. I can only pray 2020 is as kind to me.

Hello, 2020

Now, on to this fresh New Year. My ‘2020 Vision’ as I keep calling it as a joke, but now kind of like the sound of it… Typical!!
I don’t really have goals set as such. I have many, many ideas and will work on them as much as I can throughout the year. That’s all any of us can do. Work hard and try our best. I have picked out 5 things I will begin with. I don’t think making a list as long as my arm will interest anyone. The few I have picked out below are where I will begin and perhaps later in the year I can do a half way review and see if I am keeping to my vision, what do you think?

So… This year I want to,
1. Make more time to read – I love reading but can be a little sporadic with it. I need to learn to not always put on Netflix when I’m bored and just pick up a book and read. I am almost finished my first book of the New Year. It’s Dolly Alderton, Everything I know about love. I was a little unsure about whether or not I would enjoy it but I did, I really did. There are bits I can really relate to in the book and parts that made my laugh out loud in public! It was definitely a good book to start the year, it got me thinking about me and my relationship with myself. A thumbs up from me.
2. Look after myself more – Those who know me will probably think how can you possibly do this? But… I don’t mean going shopping and just sitting on the couch vegging out. I mean doing things I like to do whether people want to join me or not. Go have a facial now and then, and look after my skin. Go for more walks and runs, you know stay healthy and all that.
3. Write! – I have notes and notes of blog posts I want to share, but honestly, I get so scared that people will think i’m an idiot. There I said it. It’s a massive fear I battle with constantly and not everyone knows it about me. I love to write things down and got knows I could talk for a living if I was let but I struggle sometimes to click that publish button because of fear. which takes me on to the next point very nicely…..
4. Be less afraid – As the above point, I really do have so much I would like to share and not just writing, other ideas too, so this year I want to work on putting my ideas to the public.
5. Enjoy myself – I think we are nearly programmed to always be achieving so much more and demanding more of ourselves that sometimes we don’t actually enjoy our lives. We only get once chance at this living crack so we might as well have some fun I think!

I hope you enjoyed my welcome back Tuesday Chats and as long as I keep to the ‘2020 Vision’, hopefully you will be reading a lot more from me this year. If you started back to work this week, well done. If you didn’t stop for the holiday period, I hope you get a break soon. Everyone needs a break! Have a great week.
Louise. X

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