Soon enough we will be seeing less and less winter stock on the rails and we will be met with a sea of Spring/Summer ranges. It can be difficult to know what you should buy that you will give you the longevity you need. I for one like to know I will get my cost per wear out of what I buy. Today I have picked out two colours I think you could easily look out for that you could add to your wardrobe and not feel stuck as to how to pair them with other pieces. Both colours are quite neutral without being black, white or grey.

First up is lilac: If you are someone who likes to add colour but don’t want to buy loads and have none of it matching, this is a good colour to pick, you can easily style it with reds, whites, pinks etc. Its versatile, but yet very fresh. I have picked out a few pieces below that could easily slot into your everyday life.


The next colour that I have a feeling you have seen a lot of and will see more of is a light/sage green: Personally, I think this is another good’n because this can easily carry you in to next autumn/winter without fail. You can mix it up with browns, navy, white, pink, grey etc. So many choices really.

Hopefully that will help you with your future shopping!

Louise. X

I have used some affiliate links in this post. You won’t get charged any extra from the retailer, but if you do make a purchase from my link I get a small percentage.
Thank you! x

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