I know lots of you are trying to shop smarter this year, and I hear you! I want to try give you posts about trends, but always showing you trends that really do stay around and can easily be taken from spring to summer and straight in to the autumn and winter months. When you are shopping smart, look for pieces that give you longevity. By that I don’t mean you need to spend an arm and leg (thats another long post on fabrics I am trying to piece together for you). I mean buy pieces that maybe aren’t just the colour of the moment. Buy the trend, but in a classic colour you know in your heart you will continue to wear. Buy something you can change the styling of. Can you put a jumper over the dress? Or where a shirt underneath? Little changes that make the item versatile.

So today, lets talk polka dots! I have picked out 10 pieces to give you an idea of where you can start to add little bits to your wardrobe.

“There is never a wrong time for a polka dot”

Marc Jacobs


Hopefully that will help you build a trendy, but wearable wardrobe!

Louise. X

I have used some affiliate links in this post. You won’t get charged any extra from the retailer, but if you do make a purchase from my link I get a small percentage.
Thank you! x

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