TUESDAY CHATS: Is it because i’m getting older?

Today’s Tuesday Chat is a little bit different from previous. As I have said before I will still sometimes take a look back on my previous week, what I’m reading, what I got up to etc. but I also wanted to talk about other things that are on my mind and I really enjoy having discussions about. Anyone who knows me will know, I absolutely love the fashion industry and love to see new trends coming through, old trends re-vamped but I am also not a fan of a lot of trends. This leads me to today’s topic.

‘Is it just because i’m older that I think so much of what we call fashion is absolute crap at the moment?’

Over the Christmas I was at home in Ireland and I was suddenly reminded why people can feel so uncomfortable in their own bodies. Now, this is just my personal opinion and if you don’t agree with it that’s cool, but I have wanted to talk about it for some time and I think now feels right. I was going through a local town with my sister and I was looking at all the window displays and how the mannequins were dressed. (For those of you who don’t know, that was what I intended on doing with my career when leaving university. I studied visual merchandising so I love looking at displays in shops and in windows.) Anyway, back to this. I passed one shop window and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, the male mannequins were dressed really cool, with jeans, sweatshirts, jumpers and puffer jackets or bombers. The girls however, I can’t say the same. To be fair this shop was probably directed to dress their mannequins a certain way from head office but it just looked so wrong (again, in my opinion). The females were styled wearing next to nothing and that’s not me being prudish, I mean they looked like your stereotypical hooker. I’m no stranger to a mini skirt and boots. Gosh, it’s a go to on a night out but this was just horrific. Mini skirt, with big fishnet tights, heels and a bralet style top. It just seemed all wrong. I completely understand this is just a display of clothes, but it was like no actual thought went in to making these female mannequins look cool (for lack of a better word!). There were so many ways you could have shown them same pieces but made the mannequins look trendy.

Everyone’s style is personal and it’s an expression of themselves I get that, but I constantly speak to girls who don’t feel like it includes those who don’t want to show off that much skin. It’s really frustrating. I myself struggle to find clothes for a night out that I feel comfortable in, especially tops. So much of you see in shops is cropped, or has a veryyyy deep V- neck line, if not backless. Personally as someone who has a bigger chest and well, will never have a flat stomach, it can be upsetting that I think nothing suits me. I know I’m not alone either. I don’t feel comfortable showing off my belly or too much of my chest thats just who I am. I think I have always been this way. Even gym gear for women feels like they are sparing the fabric! I understand that media plays a big part in fashion and the hype of this Kardashian world seems to be going strong, but don’t you find it infuriating when you go shopping and you are faced with shitty, non flattering fabrics that would barely cover a thigh? It can’t be just me. How tight can these dresses get for the love of god!!!!

Now imagine you are taller than 5ft, which is common, as common as those under 5ft. Imagine trying to find a tall section in stores? Or imagine being over a size 12, bare in mind the average UK size for a woman is size 16. Finding clothes that include people is few and far between in my eyes. These are only two examples, there are so many more I could mention. A lot of you will disagree I know. I can only go from conversations I have with my peers. Not so long ago, I was shopping with my sisters and was in a store which carries designer brands. I have been saving some vouchers for some time now and was trying to decide how I would spend them. I found a whole outfit I loved. It was so pretty and exactly the thing I would wear loads. When I picked up the size 10 on the rail I knew it wouldn’t fit so I asked for the bigger size (I asked for a 12 and 14, the 10 looked super small). That’s nothing new, I’m usually between a (bigger) size 10 or 12, brand depending. The sales assistant said the biggest size the brand stocked was a size 12 and off she went to get it. I wasn’t feeling confident about the fit and oh my days was I right. it was a playsuit with a matching jacket that I was trying on. I couldn’t get the jacket on without the fear of ripping the whole back seam and the playsuit wouldn’t zip past my ass. Honest to god, i’m not even lying. I felt like a fat giant. lol! I had to laugh when I was showing my sisters because I get that something can be a smaller fitting but I genuinely think I would have needed a size 16 for it to fit (if they had even gone to that size). When we left we talked about people who maybe aren’t as comfortable in their skin and would have been really upset about it not fitting. It makes you think about all the people starving themselves to fit into a certain ‘look’ or brand, when clearly the fashion world is cutting corners and making the fit smaller to use less fabric because lets be honest, The less fabric used, the less it costs them to make!

I am using myself as an example a lot here because I am an millennial who loves to shop and have faced a lot of bumps along the way. Fast fashion is being talked about a lot now for so many reasons, but I am not just blaming the high street. They are merely following what’s in the media. When did less clothing equal more popularity? When did the fashion world decide that we should only wear the minimal? I have attached photos from through the years and i’m not an idiot, I know they wore crop tops and the likes too but it feels different. It was styled different and worn in a less provocative way.

It makes me wonder, when will the industry start producing for everyone in a fair way? What’s your thoughts on fashion and trends these days? Are you a frustrated shopper like me? Do you struggle to find a style that makes you happy and feel confident? Let me know.

Hope you all have a good week and apologies if this rant wasn’t for you! 🙂

Louise. X

All images i have used are from Pinterest and are not my own.

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