STYLE: My Fashion Inspiration

Quite often I am asked where or who gives me inspiration for my wardrobe and truth be told it definitely changes and I dress a lot based on mood. However, saying that for years there are a few ladies who’s style has always influenced me. I just think more often then not, they get it right and it’s not that I want to dress the exact same but they give me ideas on how I can use what I have already to create new outfits. I think we all take inspiration from people or places a lot of the time and there is no shame in admitting that. I be honoured if someone took inspiration from my outfits!

First up…


Alexa is probably my longest running fashion inspo. I have been a huge favouite of her styling for years now. I just love the silhouettes she wears, always very flattering for her figure. She’s like the cool girl you aspire to be like. She looks effortless and I love that. I like that no fuss but you still look good look!


Awh the days of ‘The City’ is where we were first introduced to Olivia and she was as stylish then as she is now. I love her style because it always looks flawless. The clashing of prints, the different use of fabrics always has me suckered in and looking to see how I can up my fashion styling for myself. She just hits the nail on the head in terms of preppy/chic.


Gossip girl is where this style inspo definitely started I cannot lie. I have re-watched the series a couple of times (don’t judge me!) and still find myself thinking, hmmmm I could style this piece in my wardrobe and achieve that look. Blake herself inspires my choices because in the last couple of years I think her choices have been brave. When she was promoting the film ‘A simple favour’, her suits were on point and we all know you can’t go wrong with a good suit. Again, I love how she picks pieces that flatter her shape and colours that always pop.


I could scroll for hours looking through street style images especially from different fashion week’s. It’s something I urge you all to do if you’re looking for inspiration. It’s a game changer. You see amazing use of colours and fabrics. Sometimes it’s just gives you an idea on how to style clothes you already have sitting in your wardrobe and maybe don’t know how to change it up so they look fresh. It’s so easy to fall in to a style rut and it happens to me too nearly every year. This way You can get inspiration to always challenge yourself and your wardrobe.

I know it’s not my normal Thursday shopping post, but sometimes we just need to take a look at what we already have and start wearing those pieces again. Hope you enjoyed and have fun scrolling for inspiration for yourself!

Louise. X

Please note all images have been taken from Pinterest/ Instagram and are not my own.

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