Tuesday Chats: It’s the little things!

Today’s post is short and sweet mainly because the post I was going to talk about will be next week. There was some extra bits I wanted to include but haven’t happened yet so I said I would hold off and post it all together.

Instead today I am sharing 30 things that make me smile or just make me happy in general other than my family, Arnie and friends. Just the little things, you know! Now, there are 100’s of things that do, but here are just a little snippet because sometimes you just need to take a minute and remember everything that could brighten your day!

  • Hugs.
  • When you’re on a packed, quiet train and you remember a funny moment out of no where and have nobody to tell your memory to. You sit there smiling to yourself like a weirdo!
  • When you’re walking home for somewhere and it starts lashing down with rain and you know when you get home that tea and shower will be extra special.
  • Kids talking about things with their parents on a train and the parent is trying to shut them up because it’s not for public ears! 😂
  • Fresh bed sheets.
  • A book that ends exactly how you wanted it to.
  • A song that gets you pumped for anything (one republic / feel again is one favouite of mine).
  • A well made sandwich. (This is hard come by these days so i appreciate when I get a good one!)
  • A stupid joke about cheese 😂😂😂 (image below)
  • When your new shoes don’t give you a blister.
  • When someone brings you something back from the shop even though you didn’t ask.
  • Dumplings – chicken ones to be precise
  • Italy – the food alone would cheer anyone up!
  • Seeing a ‘Mayo for Sam’ poster anywhere in the world but Ireland. Brings me joy that we hold the faith, ALWAYS!
  • When I’m having a good hair day and it looks cool. I’m a loser i know!😂😂
  • When my red lipstick is on point. 😘
  • The films :
    Devil wears Prada
    How to be single
    Little women (the old one. The new one should be ashamed of itself)
    Mary Poppins – both old and new they are magical Pretty woman Father of the bride 1 and 2
  • Looking back through old photos
  • Picking up clothes when you’re shopping with someone and saying “that’s a bitta you ain’t it”…. when it’s most definitely NOT A BITTA THEM 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Dancing in the kitchen
  • Girls in the toilet on a night out throwing out compliments, because yes girls, raise each other up.
  • When someone stops you from walking around with toilet paper on your foot. You’re good, good people if you do this!!
  • A new coat because I’m borderline obsessed with coats
  • Reading peoples engagement stories on Chupi. If you haven’t do it. So much love 💓
  • The rain pelting off the window whilst I stay in bed.
  • The feeling you get when you get off the airplane on holidays….
  • But equally, the feeling you get when you come home to your own bed from holidays.
  • When the cinema popcorn is still hot and salty. hmmmm, delicious!
  • Winning anything on a scratch card.
  • When you find £5/£10 in a pocket of your jacket or trousers! WINNING!!

There we have it, just 30 out of about 30,000 things that could brighten my day just a little. Have a think, what makes you happy/smile?
Happy Tuesday and have a great week!

Louise. X

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