So about me…

IMG_4071I’m Louise and welcome to Louise’s Library.

I’m an Irish girl who has been living in England for the past 6 years. Previous to moving to England  I studied Fashion Retail, Buying, Styling & Visual Merchandising. I decided to move to England to further my studies in Visual Merchandising.  I was accepted to University in Hertfordshire and studied for 2 years gaining a foundation degree.

Then came the big bad world and time to find a job.  I started working with a clothing manufacturer after I graduated (nothing related to my degree) and found I really enjoyed it.  I am still working with the company today but decided to start my blog as it was something I have always wanted to do.

Along with studying I have always tried to intern where I could and I have been lucky to work along Stylists in Ireland such as Angela Scanlon and have work placements in both England & Ireland with Selfridges, John Lewis and BT2 both designing and creating window and in-store  displays.

Hope you enjoy the blog!

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Louise. X



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