Who doesn’t love a day where they get to dress up as the best version of themselves?  Recently, I got to do just that.  I went to Ascot for the day with the boyf and some friends and it was just amazing. Such a good day out and would highly recommend everyone to do it. It was the King … More A DAY AT THE RACES


I’m back from Milan and I can’t help but still have them holiday blues like everyone gets and just cant shake off.  Although I was only gone for a few days, I just want to pack my bag and head off again, but before I start planning my next trip away lets talk about Milan…. So as I … More MILANO

Long Weekend Prep

It’s no secret I LOVE going away.  It can just be one night away from my apartment but I love it. I love getting to stay in hotels and just that feeling you get… bliss! I am particularly excited about my next adventure because I am off to Milan.  I’ve never been but my mouth is watering thinking … More Long Weekend Prep