In my last Tuesday Talks post I was getting ready for another trip to Ireland. I wasn’t just going home though, I also had a friends wedding first. So have a read and see what i decided to wear! … More TUESDAY CHATS: It’s May.. HOW?



Another day, another reason to do some online perusing…… I think now the weather is starting to pick up people want a little inspo for the coming months so I have picked 50 spring/summer dresses for £50 and under. … More SAVVY SHOPPING: 50 SPRING DRESSES UNDER £50

Occasion Dressing

I recently put up some poll’s on my Instagram seeing what you guys were interested in.  I’m working on a lot of posts that I think you will enjoy.  That’s what it’s all about, what you would like to see. Occasion season, mainly weddings, is always a big one.  I struggle myself sometimes, I have an outfit I want in my head but can’t always find it so I love seeing blog posts like these pop up.  It’s always so handy. … More Occasion Dressing

Tuesday Chats: Easter

I mean Easter weekend has to be one of those weekends where you go back to work and you are anything but ready for it. Perhaps its the chocolate coma, maybe it was the start of the amazing weather in the UK or it’s just because who wants to get back into the work routine life after a extra couple of days off. Needless to say, I was not ready for that 5am alarm this morning and it was most certainly NOT WELCOMED!! 
I made it through though, got up, got myself to the office for 7am and began my working day. … More Tuesday Chats: Easter