I know its been a while, a long while since I posted and to some people they won’t have noticed, but I have.  There is a reason though. I just felt like a sheep of some sort, with a blog that felt like so many other fashion blogs and honestly, that isn’t me.  I feel like I’m … More WHERE HAVE I BEEN?


I’m back from Milan and I can’t help but still have them holiday blues like everyone gets and just cant shake off.  Although I was only gone for a few days, I just want to pack my bag and head off again, but before I start planning my next trip away lets talk about Milan…. So as I … More MILANO

Fighting the Flies…

Hello all you wonderful people, So today I am bringing you a post which is a little different to my normal clothes or food chats. It’s something that I could honestly talk about for days….. Insect bites! Up until recently this would have never been a topic I would have had any knowledge of but now, I’m … More Fighting the Flies…

Red Hot Chicken

Hi Guys, I come bearing another favourite recipe. This one is all about Franks Red Hot sauce. I am obsessed to say the least with this sauce, I put it on a lot of my dinners (weird, I know). This recipe was inspired after I ate in TGI’s one evening and had the boneless bites to … More Red Hot Chicken